Amount of time you've lived w/ Complications

LOL, my dad said the same thing. He was so accustomed to seeing things foggy that it took him a while to get used to watching TV that he could see!

Wow Kelly that infection sounds like a real ordeal! I can’t blame you for being doctored out after that. It’s really disenfranchising to find so many doctors that don’t put the time or effort in. Too many people have blind faith in the medical community. There are a lot of good docs out there, but even the best ones don’t have all the answers. It’s comforting to think that they do, but they just don’t…

You wild thang!

My Phase I must have been holding tight for a good while, or my doctor wasn’t telling me my fasting was creeping up. For all I know it was high, but not bad enough to warrant attention. We know how that goes. I was hypoglycemic since childhood & no one said this was cause for concern. I ignorantly figured low was better than high. All I was told was to not go long between meals & to eat protein. .

I figured out on my own that weights are a no-no. The doc hasn’t been able to give me any hard and fast advice - basically he says that I should do ‘what I can tolerate’ and that I’ll ‘figure out what I can and can’t do’.

For what it is worth, and for whom it may help in some manner…

I’ve been totally, absolutely, hypo-unaware for about 8 years. It doesn’t make any difference how high I go and stay there for awhile (as in months), no signals have returned, period. I stopped driving for 3 or 4 years, once I figured out what was wrong.

I was born with a diabetic autoimmune kidney disease. In addition, I have 3 - 4 other autoimmune diseases since childhood, some of which act up on a regular basis, and some that never act up, but are always present.

Had Toxemia at age 18 with my first pregnancy, 3 weeks before my daughter was born. Three things have to be present for Toxemia…kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I also had a total of 7 pregnancies, of which two were live births (my daughter and my son), 4 miscarriages, and I had a stillborn son at 7-1/2 months. I do have to say though, that the stillborn may not have been due to diabetes, as my son had a real bad case of croup, the same week my daughter had mumps on both sides - this during my first trimester.

The month of February or March of 2008, I was DX’d with a rare type of Glaucoma in both eyes. It is called “Closed Narrow Angle Glaucoma”, and affects only 1 - 4 in 100,000 people. It can cause total blindness if not treated within 48 hours. It is a diabetic and allergy related eye disease. Even though I’ve had the preventive laser surgery in one eye (cancelled the other one), I’m always at risk for having to have emergency laser surgery.

In July 2008 (2009?), I was dx’d with “Diabetic Orthostatic Hypotensive Autonomic Neuropathy”. Last June, my blood pressure dropped to 59/38 and the paramedics were called. Orthostatic Hypotension can cause instant death, as per the paramedics.

On this past December 31st, I was DX’d with the everyday type of glaucoma in both eyes. It was thought at first, that an allergy med I had to take for a couple of weeks - had increased the pressure. The doc gave it a few weeks to clear out, and then examined me again. This time, the DX was official for everyday type of Glaucoma, in both eyes. So now, two very different types of glaucoma have I.

Someone mentioned something about bending over or heavy lifting, with eye disease. I find this to be true even with both glaucomas.

Another complication, not sure when it started, but I cannot tell that the water is hot on my hands. My daughter noticed it about 10 years ago.

But…I just hit the age last fall, to draw early retirement SS, and I’m still alive and kicking. :slight_smile: Beats the hell out of pushing daisies!


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Dude, its absollutely the weirdest thing!! After my surgeries, I’ve looked at very old and dirty buildings, and the implants made the dirt look crisp and clean? Wow… For about a half hour, I used to stand and stare @ the produce department in my local supermarket. This lasted for a couple of months… The colors were amazing!!


Sorry to break into this thread, as I don’t have any complications – just an extremely high risk of coronary artery disease, and a tiny hemorrhage in my left eye (yes, I’m going to call the ophthalmologist on Monday, Kelly!), but I want to know more about toxemia, or pre-eclampsia. I had that and was on bed rest for about a month before my son was born in 1973, and was hospitalized for 8 days before his birth. But I don’t have any kidney disease that I know of, I didn’t have diabetes at the time, but did have high blood pressure. So I don’t know what the connection is, and wonder if you could explain in more detail. Thanks!


I only know what I was told then. As I mentioned before, I had not been officially DX’d with HTN or diabetes previous to that time, that I know of (had head injuries when I was a kid). I do know, however, that there were many kidney issues when I was a child, and many trips to the doctor and hospital. My BP was very high - that was what landed me in the hospital, plus the severe kidney pain, I couldn’t even go home for clothes or anything. BP was officially DX’d when I was 24, and was at stroke level. Somewhere in my bookmarks, I may still have some info on it. It wasn’t called Pre-Eclampsia then, just Toxemia. I was hospitalized for almost 10 days with it, this was in 1967 for me. I would venture to say that if you don’t have KD now, you probably aren’t going to have it. If your doc does quarterly or yearly tests, you would know already, if there were any kidney issues. I have quarterly, and yearly 24 hr. tests, to see where my KD is. I go back and forth from Stage 1 to Stage 3. The earliest official KD DX that I can recall, was about the same time as my IDDM DX (1984). It was in 1999 or 2000, when the neph told me I had been born with it - testing had proved it. Hope this somewhat helps.


I read somewhere that weights shouldn’t be lifted above chin level to avoid straining your eyes.

I don’t do them at all. I have literally strained my eyes lifting bags of groceries, so I’m very careful about what I do now.

When I’ve moved apartments my boyfriend and brother and mom did all the lifting - that was one benefit of all this- they wouldn’t let me do anything for fear of straining my eyes.

gotta love the non-advice:)

One of my TKD teachers always told us “remember to breathe” when we were doing lots of pushups as it would help prevent BP spikes. I dunno if it’s quite the same hazard as lifting but I try to be careful about breathing when I’m lifting stuff. I think that it also helps engage your abdominal muscles which, in turn, can allow you to lift more?

And a big round of applause to those of you with the interesting stories about complications. I am always certain that the wheels are going to fall off the bus any minute and all of the systems are going to fail at about the same time. So far so good but my warranty is long-expired…

Hi Natalie. Drs still don’t know what causes pre-eclampsia, although you see it more in first time pregnancies. The symptoms are high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and edema, especially around the face and hands. It can cause fetal death, and the patient can have seizures and other complications including death. The only “cure” is delivering the baby immediately.

Thanks, Kathyann! In my case, I had those symptoms, although the edema was worse in the legs. At the time, they didn’t deliver immediately, just hospitalized me after bed rest at home wasn’t helping. Funniest part was that they told me on Thursday morning, they were going to induce me the next day, so a few hours later I went into labor on my own! Fortunately, my son was healthy, and at 8 lb. within normal weight range.
I was just wondering whether having had pre-eclampsia has something to do with having developed diabetes – I didn’t have gestational, and didn’t develop diabetes until almost 20 years later, but I still wonder.


Mine wasn’t gestational either. It is, as with everything else, funny (not haha funny) how things change through the years. I often wonder why the name of it has changed. First chance I get, I’ll dig through the bookmarks, and will go through my medical books (health professional ones). The edema was really bad too, I had forgotten about it. My daughter weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz at birth.


It wasn’t anything I would wish on my worst enemy Tom! Fortunately for me, even though I had a bad doctor, I also found a really good one that was able to save my leg. He called me a challenge before he did the first surgery - wasn’t exactly something I wanted to hear but everything worked out.

She has pics on her blog. It’s a really amazing story, both that her doctor(s) was (were) such boneheads and that she recoverered so well.

Thanks Danny. The wound vac is now one of those things on my “never do again” list!

I enjoy life too much to give up. I know Bernstein turned his complications around so I am working towards that!