An apology

I owe the community a clarification and an apology, in particular to those that participated in our Live Interview about the Medicare Coverage for CGM that took place yesterday.

As I wrote on this blog entry, Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit behind TuDiabetes) has increased its advocacy efforts in the past several months. As a result of this, and the introduction of US Senate Bill 2689 (aimed at getting Medicare to pay for CGM), we looked at ways to support the efforts that JDRF (along with a coalition of industry and nonprofit partners) has led on this front. One of the ways to do this was to host a Live Interview about the topic on TuDiabetes, which we did yesterday.

I got wound up in the heat of moment, during the Live Interview. In the chat, I wrote:

"I want to leave with one thing: there was unfortunately diversity of guidance in the panel."

The only unfortunate thing there was yesterday was me making that comment. Since I made the comment publicly, I wanted to clarify publicly what I meant and apologize to everyone by this comment.

My hope (and actually a big focus of mine) in connection with the Live Interview, was to bring light to the issue: lack of coverage for CGM among US people with diabetes over 65, which results in stories like the one that Richard Vaughn so powerfully shared during the Live Interview. To change this, JDRF is inviting the US community to contact our Senators asking them to support the bill that will change this, and complete this survey to put extra pressure on them.

In hopes of making sure that these two things came through during yesterday's live interview, I used language that trampled over one of our most dear values: diversity of opinion. There was diversity of ideas and opinions about things to do in addition to the efforts that JDRF is leading, to put pressure on Medicare and the US Congress... and that is a GOOD thing! For my unfortunate use of words, and any offense, I apologize to the panelists and to the community at large.

Having said this: let's not take off the eye from the ball. We need to make sure we get to the "finish line", and this will only happen if we get this bill turned into law... so, if you accept this humble apology and you are a US citizen, please contact your Senators asking them to support this bill, and complete this survey to put extra pressure on them and Medicare.

Manny, you're a beautiful role model. May we all have the courage to examine our own words and the courage and integrity to admit when we feel we have mis-spoken :)

I agree with Emily. And I admire you for correcting the mistake quickly and sincerely.

Ditto Emily and Melissa.....

A wonderful statement…and I totally agree with everyone who admires you for your thoughtfulness. Manny, you are an inspiration to many. And no one can doubt your integrity.

Your passion for the DOC has always shine, and this legislation will affect all of us. We as a group cannot thank you and your staff enough for showing us what the advocate world is up to. All of your live interviews are wonderful, well thought out, and your staff is amazing. I am always sad when I cannot "attend" your live interviews.

Passion sometimes gets in the way of what we all want in the end. We speak out of turn. We sometimes say things without thinkin. Passion sometimes can be hard to control. And passion is sometimes more intense in a family environment. I consider TuD my family. It is my brothers and sister who are struggling and suceeding with diabetes.

I am passionate about this issue as well. And I hope I did not offend anyone as well. We all want this bill to past, but it is an incredible hard bill to sell. The one thing everyone can do is contact thier local senators and every senator on that board. Ask thier friends and love ones to do the same. If we work together, we will succeed.


Thanks so much for the SUPER-kind words!

I couldn't agree with Stoner more. It is because of the DHF and TuD that I have become such and advocate. Honestly, I never thought this is the way my free time would be spent. And now, I wake up in the morning anxious to see what I can do to "rattle the cages".

Manny, this is because of you and your staff and their passion! Thank you for your tireless effort.

Cielo, It takes so much courage to examine our our points of views when we feel as passionate about things the way you do. I am so proud of you, and happy that you are taking the time to respect your own opinion as well as everybody else. I love you so much! <3

Hi Manny, I missed the live interview unfortunately due to work, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the lead on this issue and for including the links to the survey and the letters to Senators in your blog. I just completed both. Thank you so much for all you do!

OK... you guys are making me blush!!!!

Thanks Manny! During the second half of the interview there was some unfortunate noise in my home. Emily had to mute me. When the noise stopped, she could not unmute me, so I could not contribute beyond that point. I was pleased with the panel, and feel that everything was done very well.

I know... I was saddened that the muting couldn't be sent away! :(