Having seen the advert of New York and that Orange Drink and someone eating eggs benedict I promised myself if we went to America again I would make my first order of food eggs benedict had them over here but come on nothing like the real thing Ben and Jerries tried Weather spoons tried but both failed miserably for me, so when our daughter and son in law took us to a place called Family Affair in Freeport I asked for that from an amazing looking woman serving our table and when she said your welcome it blew my socks off, sorry love not one for wondering blame it on the metformin lets face it I can control my mind to a point but my eyes wonder where ever they want to.
Only joking never been anyone else for me but my Angel so back to the eggs benedict, they came ob two bicuits scones to us plain two eggs sliced ham and sauce to want you to climb mount Everest so nice so tasty and so filling I had American fries with them flat thin round potatoes fried in some nectre from heaven any American friends reading this I am sure you can explain far better than me but i enjoyed every mouthful with coffee on stream to wash it down with 4 of us eating cost 27 dollars we went to this diner most mornings for breakfast highly recommend it to any traveler 10 out of 10.
As to roaming eyes so what is wrong looking at a beautiful woman ouch that hurt love

I am so glad you enjoyed your eggs Benedict & had a feast for your eyes
Angel don’t worry tweed is only yours forever still
Be well

What a lovely story. Thank you....and Blessings!