An englishman in the USA part 1

Like coming home felt right at home staying with our daughter in Freeport USA middle America bible country and more, not a mountain in sight surrounded by corn fields more space than a space hopper clean fresh air shop assistants that really want to serve you with a your welcome on every persons lips we met bought down to earth when we arrived back went into Sainsburys resturant for breakfast and found they had no bread hot chocolate and 20 minute wait for anything else with only two customers sitting down waiting sorry about the DUFF spelling and to crown it all off no your welcome, a lot of folks go on about the Americans but when it comes to service and civility they have it cracked forgot to mention my Angel went with me to America lets face it I could not travel without my Angel Sheila to you she looks after me and makes my life worth living.
After a 8 hour flight 14 hour travel in total including 3 hours at the airport I was flat out exhausted and arrived in Chicargo like a parcel thrown in the hold Angel on the other hand looked refreshed and as Beautiful as ever guess flying is not my fortee, seeing our daughter and son in law for the first time in more than 10 years opened the flood gates and that was not only me but everyone, we hugged our daughter so many times we could have been entered in the guinnes book of records the 3 hour drive to our daughters home opened my mind to the vastness of the USA the big sky is something out of the bible great UFO country but that is another story.
Jet lag was for me overwhelming twice falling asleep at meal times but thats me

I get a chuckle out of folks who come over from the "Old World" to the "New World" and how you'll see things we take for granted. For several years my sister hosted exchanged students from various European countries. Her first exchanged student came from the Netherlands. He was impressed at how big everything is here in the U.S.. Like our stores, homes and even the size of our refrigerators. Before school started, our family took him on a week-end trip to the beach. While en-route to our destination, I announced that we are approaching the Florida state line, and anyone needed a rest stop now was the time. The exchanged student asked for his bag to retrieve his passport. We all laughed, saying you don't need your passport. He was little puzzled that we can freely travel across state lines without having to stop at the boarders. Once reaching our destination, after unloaded the car. We all headed out to the beach. The exchanged student stuck his foot into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. He exclaimed, "WOW!, the water is so warm it is like bathtub water!"

ENJOY, Twiddlemthumbs! Enjoy your stay and your daughter!!

tweedle it is so nice to hear from you & that you are both well
enjoy your stay in USA & let's hear from you more often