An interesting change to Sensor labeling... but probably NOT the one which benefits Dexcom most

Until a new order arrived today, Dexcom 7 and 7+ Sensor packages have always shown a bold, underlined warning specifying that Sensors are only for one time use. That’s been on the label for individual sealed packages. But my new ones deleted this sentence. I think that the labeling is FDA-regulated. FDA apparently no longer insists that they MUST be replaced after 7 days to qualify as “on-label” usage.

But really, if they’re gonna go after labeling restrictions, it might be more beneficial for Dexcom (and a lot of possible new customers) to do a small-scale study which addresses the “ages 18 and older” limitation-- and maybe create a children’s model with a higher value for the un-preventable “55 mg” alarm in software to win approval for kids, as Minimed did with Guardian.