An interesting conversation

Tuesdays are “Old Time Musicians Day” at our local coffeehouse, it is also story time there for some of the younger kids, and parents who want to listen to the music bring their kids for both. I take a group of kids for story time, and then in to listen to the music.

One man has a pump, and it was attached to his side, like a cell phone. A little boy in my group, probably about 6 had never seen anything like this “cell phone” so he wanted to talk to the man about it.
The man told him, he couldn’t take it off because it wasn’t a cell phone, but it helped him to be able to play music, sing, talk, and be healthy. The kid still didn’t get it, and asked more questions, finally the man said, “well, it’s a secret code device, showing him his pump, he told the little boy that when it beeps he has to push this button, and it makes him stronger like Super Man”. I thought I was going to die laughing. Now the little boy wants a pump to be super man too…thankfully, hopefully, he can get a pump another way for pretend. But what a great story. I loved it and so did the others around who heard it…the pump makes you superman — or maybe wonder woman?