An obligatory Thanksgiving Yo!

So happy day after!

I’m on my way to work. Tarjay opens at 6am. What a nightmare. Last year I got run over by a “guest’s” cart as she went running (literally) to where ever the bargain she needed was. I still have scars! So if you’re doing the whole bargain shopping today remember employees are there to serve you not to be run down by you. Can’t help you find that incredible deal on $2 mittens you have to have for your second cousin’s brother’s nephew in law if you’ve injured me! Thanks!

On a more positive note. Thanksgiving was beautiful. Turkey, potatoes, various veg dishes. pie. family, fun, and I finally have my 4 and 6 year old neices convinced I’m 10 years old and their grandmother is 90. :wink: I brought them jingle bells to wear on their ankles. so they ran around driving everyone nuts and everyone was annoyed with Aunt Amy for bringing them by mid-afternoon. Good times. I love those kids!

My bg range yesterday? fasting 99, high (2hrs pp) 167, Not bad considering I was sans insulin. :slight_smile:

Work beckons. I’m off to tame the crowds…