An Outstanding T-1 Success, Today 1/2/14

This is my first ever TUD Post, so here goes....
Jan. is my TUDiagnosis Anniversary -- 15 years with the Big "D". Nite after nite I have gotten advice, insight and just plain old-fashioned support from this column. For this my appreciation, my thanks, and my genuine affection.
This post however, has nothing to do with me.
I think most of us would agree that the job of Quarterback in the NFL is one of the most demanding in America -- Physically, mentally, emotionally -- You name it. How about doing it as a T-1 with an insulin pump!
Today The Chicago Bears gave Quarterback Jay Cutler a new 7 yr contract. I used to watch Jay play here in Nashville at Vanderbilt, and on top of everything else he was a class act back then, and still is. So, here's to all of you fellow T-1's whose many success's every day give me my encouragement and hope. Thank you so much. Oh, and Jay, Please don't beat up on my beloved Tennessee Titans!

I am sort of back and forth on this. I like Jay pretty well however he seems to be pwned by the Packers which is a problem but not perhaps as much as getting bounced off the turf by having a questionable O-Line. I think that for the team, this is the right move as they can focus on defense which is a more critical need at this point.

I don't think he uses a pump any more though, he switched back to MDI after maybe a year or so I think? Maybe not though, a quick search didn't find much recent news about it but brought up this older article:

I will admit that after some of the goofy, inconsistent plays, I've though "WTH is your BG bro?"