And a thought landed a lightly as a feather on my head

Well friends it is 19.31 here or 7.31 in proper old English time just tested my blood sugars 15.6 no wonder I feel queeeezy stomach churning and eyesight foggy tried to cut down on insulin today but over did it slightly so taken 50 units with my tomato soup for tea, Angel is sick again cough back and not feeling very well at all living in the cold no heat hot water or carpets on the floors for 4 days will do that to you,drying up the floor,scrubbing the tiles to remove old excess paint which I had dropped over the years 32 in this house,I am out of breath and can hear my other half coughing upstairs,thougth she had finally seen the last of the bad chest and cough paddling in cold water up to your ankles does that to you,tucked her up in bed hot drink and a warming kiss to help her sleep,smudge is also sleeping on our bed so both in the best place for them.

The horse soldiers has just started on TV it is a John Wayne night so not bad at all,not that I will see most of it,tired myself wish we could both get better and enjoy life more should have done more of that when we were younger but raising 5 kids can be a handful as you might imagine,belching tummy upset sure sign blood sugars too high or too low no getting on top of this awful dibilatating conditon apologies again for the spelling,our youngest grandson is ill so is my son and his baby who will be 2 on Thursday so Happy Birthday Emily, she is going to have a brother in March/April so grandparents again we will be young Jedi.wached Valhalla Rising difficult to watch not much talking and not much continuaty well I thought so,mind you not much of a film critic am I,thought Salt was good we both enjoyed that,it will take a while for the insulin to work in my system check blood sugars in an hour or so.

Have to try and wash up here goes a bit shakey handling crockery but must try,many Moons later the washing up is done yipee dropped not a saucer,tummy still funny feel bloated but only had a tin of soup no bread no pudding nothing else nought zero,looks like the building insurance will not cough up as there was only only minor damage is having no ceiling in the hallway clased as minor, why do we pay £22 a month,so many adverts for stuff we could not possibly afford,wish you could turn the adverts off not hte programmes just hte adverts,don't you think about some stupid stuff when you have plenty of time on your hands Angel sleeping smdge sleeping poor me sitting in the kitchen talking to myself,waiting for the knock on the front door from the men/women in white suits.

Have to go and check on Angel and smudge back in a minute......................both ok both snooring feel a litle cold never understood why the Council never put a radiator in the kitchen or on the top landing they stuck one in hte toilet upstars where you use to burn your legs if you sat down on the toilet we have it moved many many Moons ago,speaking of Moons well there is only one well ours anyway thinking of you Lots and suri on a chilly dark nigh here in Shropshire.

To end with as I say goodbye to Monday,feeling tired and tummy still not settled down yet,hope I have a dream about a Sun soaked beach tall cool drink,and Angel next to me warming our feet in the warm Ocean.