And So I Come Back From The Grave. Interesting

Looks like I have been away from the community for 18 months or so. I am not sure why, but I am back now. But a lot has happened then. February of 2012, I had one majour hypo, so grave that I had to rush myself to the hospital. I was already panicking and crying, so I let the doctors do their thing.

September of 2012 witnessed another majour event in my life. What seemed to be a usual asthma attack let to the discovery of my new heart condition, Mitral valve prolapse. Well, I ain't even mad. :D

And as to this writing, I am recovering from coughs, colds, fever, and some infection. These made go in and out of reality for the last three days. I even forgot to check my sugars...

Anyways, I will be posting more photos and blogs soon.