And the Dexcom Warrior RIDES!


I’ve finally taken the plunge - I’m going to be linked up to the Dexcom for the next few days. I’ve got some pictures over on Six Until Me and I’ll be hitting up Twitter for some random musings. (Not that everything I write isn’t a bit random, but that’s a digression for another time.)

Anyone out there have experience with a Dexcom? Did you find yourself constantly clicking on the little button for the first few hours to see where your numbers were going? This may not be the best thing for an OCD girl like myself, but we shall see.

Tomorrow dawns the First Full Day O’ Dexcom.

And I am the Dexcom Warrior. Not unlike Xena, only much, much shorter.


Awesome! Definitely twitting it, like Scott H. did.


i am on day 6 of sensor #2 with my good friend Dex. The first week i think i checked the readings about once a minute…now i look at trending after i eat/take insulin. With the lag(about 15-20 minutes from my assessment) i have found that the low set at 90 works best for me…that way when it actually alarms, i can check the trend line, see how fast i am falling and make decisions before i get too low.
I have also found that sometimes at night i adjust my low alarm…if your bs hovers around the setting then it will alarm on and off…for example if low is set at 90 and reading is 93 then 89(alarms) then 91 then 87(alarms)
Unless your bs swing alot, Dex should be right on.

The shower patch works great for swimming and i can leave them on for days if i know i will be in the pool alot. I have found (thanks to Bernard Farrells blog), that the saran wrap press and seal does work too. The shower patch is VERY sticky, which is great, but tough on the skin.

i have learned alot in the last 20 days -
#1 i am not great at carb counting(but getting better)
#2 insulin takes longer to start working than i thought.
#3 my insulin sticks around longer than i thought
#4 i dont have to worry about waking up with a bs of 30 anymore

Hope you like Dex as much as I do.


Dexcom’s cool. You def check it a lot in the beginning – although, I’m sure you know, it get’s more accurate as you go further into the 3 day cycle. It’s good to try to catch some highs and lows when calibrating. Do you also know that after the 3 day period, you can leave the site in, pop out the transmitter and restart…… it’s like two for one with out the extra insertion!