And the winner of the pump wars is ... me?

One year since diagnosis, here’s my own potential path to the right pump for me:

First, I didn’t want to go on insulin injections. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 23, and I didn’t want to shoot myself. I’m too old for that, I must be Type 2 right? Some kind of skinny, freaky Type 2 that DOESN’T NEED INSULIN! But I got sick of all the high numbers and got a new doctor who stood up to me. Then, with another new doctor who was absolutely convinced I was Type 1, I didn’t want to go on pre-meal insulin. Give me more pills, anything but pre-meal insulin - it’s just too involved. Then I got really sick of continued high numbers. So I started giving myself pre-meal insulin, because why delay the proper treatment until after the BG is high. But I didn’t want a pump - no way, too public. No pump for me!!

But now I’m so tired of being tied to the regimen of shots, I want a pump. I want the better control, and I want the best treatment option for me. And I got to it at my own pace, like everything else. So now I’m as onboard as my endo.

Too bad the paradigm shift (no pun intended) was the easiest part of the process. There’s so much involved in the decision to start the pumping. What pump, where to hide it, what will insurance pay for, what about if I quit my job, and the all important, what will make me hate it least and love it most?

I’ve been looking at ALLLLL the different pumps and had it narrowed down to three: Deltec Cosmo (love the one touch bolus, like the attached meter - if it works, hate the size and funky design), OmniPod (no tubes - sweet!!, but I don’t want to always carry the PDM if I want to bolus and that pod is a little big, no?), and the Animas 2020 (color screen is pretty cool, and it’s the smallest fully loaded out there, but what about the tubing and the public-ness?). Definitely not the Paradigm because, well…my mom uses the Paradigm. I don’t want the same thing my MOM has. It’s silly, I know, but so is a self-destructing pancreas. Forgive me my wacky indulgence.

So, I did my research, got some demo’s, pored over literature, and I think I’ve made a decision. If all works according to plan, I’ll start pumping with the Animas 2020 in the near future. Why? Well, here’s a list:

- The company support people have been FANTASTIC. The territory manager gave me a dummy pump (for keeps!) so I could test out the whole wearing issue in the privacy of my home rather than the public of the coffee shop.

- I can program the sucker with one hand. That’s absolutely key! It’s a personal goal to learn how to crack an egg with one hand. Evidence of evolution and all.

- I wanted to show it to people, it was that pretty and impressive looking.

- It has the food diary of the Cozmo and the OmniPod that I really liked.

- Audio bolusing

- The menus were really intuitive. I kept finding myself accidentally hitting the wrong button on the OmniPod because the center button always takes you to the home screen, and my iPod-trained mind kept assuming it was “select” instead. I’m sure I’d learn the new way, but it was a bummer.

- The option to disconnect.

- It’s a quiet pump, and has a good vibrate option for alerts.

- It’s covered by my insurance as in-network, which represents a ridiculous amount of savings to me, especially if I upgrade to the PPO plan, which I’m going to do tomorrow.

Sure, there have been battles with my insurance. Blue Cross does not like my hypothetical questions. They do not want to just listen and respond to the scenarios that I’m pitching out there. They want to wait and bill, or wait and reject, but please don’t question our intentions. But I’ll show them. I’ll pay them more every month for the assured answer of “No copay on DMEs”.

So yeah, at the end of the day, I think I have a decision. I think I have a plan. I think I’m good to go. Assuming, you know, everything works out beyond this all important “figuring it out in my head” phase.

By the way, I’m not counting chickens - I’m just making my peace with their potential presence in my future. Really. I’m making sure that I can afford to build their hen house and don’t mind its placement on my farm. Ok, this metaphor is going a little crazy.

Good for you. I am in the same boat as your are. I just wrote a post about my visit with my new endo and I have been trying to decide on pumps. I was also leaning towards the Animas and you help me in pushing more toward that one as well. I also have Blue Cross so it is good to know they cover that one. Good luck with the change, I’m sure you will love it

Congrats on making the decision to pump. As someone still on MDI’s and wanting a pump, I’m envious. I’ve heard good things about the Animas. I had a Mini-Med when I started on the pump and liked it, but they’ve come a long way since then (1997).

LOL!!! Lizzie, ya must be a distant relative of mine! The same kinda “gotta figure this out for myself” mind. I love the metaphor of the “hen house.” It’s exactly how I see the financial side of things too:)