? and X-Rays

So I am on day 10 or so of my second sensor and running into the dreaded ???. Yesterday I had x-rays done of my hand. After the appointment I checked my receiver to check my BG and I had the ??? on the screen. I know it had worked right before my appointment because i had checked it at home.

So I waited. I had the ??? once before, and i waited an hour and it finally started registering again. (This happened after a shower.) After 4 hours of ???, I stopped and restarted the sensor. Waited the 2 hours, still had ???. Took another hour and as i was going to bed, it finally kiched in and I eneterd my 2 bg values and went to bed. WOke up this morning with the dreaded ??? and looking over the history of the night, had only sporadic readings.

Is it time to change the sensor or should I wait to see if it will start back up?

Thanks, Renea

It may just be that Xrays affect the sensor much more that we had thought. Theoretically, that should happen on a long runv rather than at that brief time scale. What i do know is that there was no recorded interference from TSA screning which also use some dosage of Xray (maybe lesser dosage). It may just be adviceable to remove the receiver b4 xray.

My guess is that it is just a coincidence. I have had several x-rays while wearing my sensor and did not have a problem. I had called Dexcom prior to my first one just to double check and they assured me it was not a problem. 10 days is about average for me with a sensor - I have had a few last longer but not too many. I would not blame the x-ray.

If you are on Day 10 and getting ??? then yes, you should change your sensor. Sometimes you can get more than 10 days out of a sensor (and people on here post about that all the time), but don’t expect it or take that for granted. Mine almost always go around Day 10 for some reason. If you’ve had your sensor on for 10 days and it starts to have problems, take it as a sign that it’s time to start a new one and be glad that you got those few extra days for free. :slight_smile:

Same here- we don’t usually get more than 10-11 days.

It’s not unusual for the sensor to die by giving the ??? sign. For me it is so common a death that at the first sign of the ???, I change sensors. Often at day 10, sometimes at day 14.

I agree but I usually get close to 2 weeks out of each one. It is funny that the DexFolks will NEVER comment on this. I don’t think they are allowed to. But this is a good sales pitch for the product which, as far as I can tell, is the best on the market.

Yes … the ??? is usually an indicator of the death of the sensor. Even if it comes back, it usually doesn’t stay back for long and the calibration is usually off as well.