And yet another thing I am confused about

This has been my first week counting carbs. After a horrific start, I think I get it, we’ll find out at my “test” tomorrow…I have to take in my menus and see how I did.

But there is one thing I am confused about…my dh and I were going through my diabetic cookbooks, all pretty new — editions that is put out by “Diabetic Cooking”…actually, I am starving and I am looking for something that is good for dinner. But as we did, I marked how many WW points each was…just out of habit. I get 12-00 - 1500 calories /day counting carbs, and 150 - 175 carbs per day. That said, I noticed, that the recipes that are high in calories are low in carbs, and the recipes that are low in calories are hi in carbs. That makes NO sense to me. For example, in one book it has Tuna Steaks with Pinapple and tomato Salsa…228 calories, 11g carbs…there is no way I would eat just that…so I’m looking at the Tuna Steak and rabbit food for dinner. OR a Rice pudding with strawberries is 140 calories with 23 g carbs…YIKES… I’m not obsessing about this, cause I’ll eat within my means…but it just seems confusing to me. I am going to lose this last 50 lbs, I AM GOING TO LOSE THIS LAST 50 lbs…but eating like this is going to be hard.

Please watch for my post on weight lost tomorrow, Right now I am at 211; but I really would like to be looking at 210 tomorrow. My BS’s are great; now to conqueror part II of the new plan.

Good wishes to you Cathy:) I am following a low CHO diet and trying to drop some pounds as well. I find myself filling up on high fiber CHOs and vegetables and rounding out w/ lean protein. This fills me up and keeps my calories low…and most important…I don’t get hungry…most of the time:) Today had tuna on salad (salad all the time!) with garden zucchini and tomatoes. When I was on high carbs I was hungry ALL the time…and ate/covered w/ insulin until I was plump and in my 40’s!! This has been the only thing that works (WW worked but hungrrrrry all the time) and I think I can do it for the long haul. BG are great! 70-100 most of the time…which is impossible for me on more carbs. So…good luck to you:) know what it is like:) and just keep looking for interesting protein and veg recipes! Tonight I am having fake lasagna (zucchini for noodles…lots of fresh herbs) which is way filling and tastes great. Check out some of the online sites for low carbing…usually lots of great ideas…I found a recipe for crustless pie a while back that was yummy.

Low carb generally means higher fat and protein, and fat has more than twice the calories of carbs or protein.

On 1200-1500 calories and 150 g carbs a day, couldn’t you eat the the Tuna Steak and Salsa and the Rice Pudding plus a green salad for your largest meal of the day and still come in under your totals?

As Patricia notes, low cal, low carb non starchy veggies can help you feel full (plus, their fiber is good for digestion and they help conquer high blood pressure). Lean protein has been shown to help with satiety (feeling full), too.

It’s tempting, but don’t completely cut out starches and low-fat dairy. You’ll need to count the carbs in them, but they have important nutrients (and popping a vitamin pill just doesn’t work as well as eating the micronutrients in real food). Just go for modest portions of starches and choose ones really high in fiber – I can’t believe how steady my blood sugar stays when I eat barley, for example. Much better than even brown rice. And while most breakfast cereals make me soar, All Bran and other fiber-full varieties work just fine.

Best wishes as you tackle the weight (and congrats on the blood sugars). I hope the scale has a pleasing number for you tomorrow!

Well, one thing is for sure, this has been and educational week. I know all about filling up on vegetables and making those be the main portion of your meal. I know that keeping those BG’s down is vital to my health, but losing that 50 lbs is vital, too. I am just trying to figure how to do both and win at the game of being healthy. Your suggestions have been a big help. Thanks, Cathy

We’re cheering for you!

Here’s one thing that helps do both (lower BG and lose weight): exercise. Wish I was better at doing it consistently!

With sufficient protein & good fats, you won’t be hungry. I’ve found that it’s the carbs that keep me hungry. As soon as I started eating low carb, my carb cravings & hunger went away. I eat a lot of veggies (no starchy ones), cheese, nuts & lean protein & avoid all grains because they send me soaring.

I’m struggling to gain weight, even though the meals I eat are fairly high calorie because, as Sarah explained, protein & fat are more calorie dense.

Here are some great sites with low carb recipes.

Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes
The Low Carb Cafe
Low Carb Luxury
Simply Recipes
Low Carb Eating

You will lose that last 50 lbs! Keep us posted.

Thanks Gerri, I will check those sites out. I found Linda’s Low Carb, and they were pretty family and budget friendly.
I don’t know about where you or anyone else lives, but we don’t get fresh produce without a high price attached. Lettuce here, even though it’s summer can be $2.00 a head, spinach, which we love is over $2.00 for less than a lb…greens are out of this world, a head of celery is over $1.60 — so on a very tight budget of only $200 a month for food, that makes this very difficult. I can’t afford to feed me, and then my family, also. So have to look for sales, and things that will almost do double duty. I’ll check these sites in the AM. Cathy

Make it a date with yourself, a regular appointment, that is on your books and NOTHING, short of a family emergency breaks that date with you. I’ve even told my docs that I can’t have an appt before 10:00 — cause I swim or bike at 8:00…nope nobody except my dh or kids will take that time away from me.

Fresh produce has gotten crazy everywhere thanks to oil prices! I love cucumbers & they’re $1-1.50 each here. I use frozen spinach–much cheaper. I make a spinach pie with no crust, just eggs, grated cheese & spinach with garlic & herbs. I also eat a lot of cabbage–sauteed with garlic, cole slaw, pickled. Low carb, inexpensive, healthy & filling. Zucchini, spaghetti squash & yellow squash are cheap & also low carb.

Hope you find some recipes you & your family will like.

I have a whole pile of diabetic cookbooks. They are a waste of money. Go to Borders and find some good low carb cookbooks. I eat pretty low carb ( under 75 a day) I take my old recipes and recreate them as low carb. Any meat, chicken or fish dish is fine. Instead of potatoes, rice or pasta I substitute an extra vegetable or salad. If I make burgers I eat mine without the bun and add lots of toppings, avocado, tomato, mushrooms, cheese, bacon. I do the same thing with chicken. Add a salad and I’m full. Last weekend I experimented with recipes for low carb pancakes. I was able to make a pretty good pancake using whey powder, flax seed, baking powder, egg, oil, davinci sf syrup and cinnamon. I make frittatas a lot with leftover vegetables, egg, sausage and lots of spices. I make lots of homemade soups. I think you will find when you cut out carbs you will lose weight pretty fast without cutting calories. The SouthBeach Diet is fairly low carb and a good place to start. Good Luck

Agree about the cookbooks. A waste of paper & money. When I was diagnosed, friends gave me cookbooks as gifts. I couldn’t find anything useful & donated them.

Gosh between you and Geri I’d have to get rid of my whole collection, and am not willing to do that, there are some good things in there. With a dh as a chef, although he does bring home contraband, as I call it, we are pretty good at changing things so that it’s lo carb. I have some cookbooks that list the nutritional data, and those I love…I’m not giving those up for anything. Just not ready to solo yet. But thanks for the thought.

Oh, just to let you know how sold we are on cookbooks, we have a collection of over 500 books and many are antiques…no way.

I didn’t mean you should trash yours:) Just replying to Jeannie. Most diabetic cookbooks are high carb & just substitute artificial sweetener for sugar & syrups. Most recipes can be easily adapted.

This site is great Just paste in a recipe, the number of portions & it gives all the nutritional info.

Thanks that will be a big help!

Thanks so much for posting that website! I’ve been adding up everything myself based on labels on each package of ingredients and estimates from other online nutrition sites … Having one site that “knows” all those numbers for each item and will add them up for me is going to save me tons of time.

That site is a huge time saver! Every now & then there’s an ingredient that’s not in their data base, but most foods are covered.

Sad, but unhealthy carbs are the cheapest thing to buy…cereal grains, noodles, etc. because they are subsidized by the farm bill here in the US (corn, wheat and soybeans). Maybe that is why we are in a national healthcare crisis…incomes have decreased for over 30 years, cheap unhealthy foods are available…and preventable diseases rise. Just something to think about…what informs personal choice.

Excellent point! And don’t forget to factor in the food pyramid.