Android software for Dexcom G6 - double notification icons?

Has anyone else noticed that the Dexcom G6 software for Android has not one, but two notification icons displaying at all times? (at the top of the screen, next to the time)

When you swipe down, it appears that one icon corresponds to the CGM chart, and the other one corresponds to a notification that says “Dexcom CGM is running. Tap to open application.” However, tapping on the CGM chart also opens the Dexcom app.

Is this a bug, or is everyone experiencing this? I’m open to the idea that this could just be sloppy programming, too. If anyone has found a way to silence one of the two icons, I’d love to know about it.

I don’t use the Dexcom s/w. tried it; hated it. It has no widgets. xDRip, OTOH has a widget so u can see glucose values whenever u are on your home screen. Plus, it has a lot of other great features such as TALKING your values, if you choose, at intervals from 4-480 minutes apart.

I don’t experience that on my android.