Anemia and meter readings

First time trying a post, it is not always the diabetes, recently diagniosed anemic, meter said I was lower, it seems a enemia makes meter read low. Others out there with this issue.

Both anemia and polycythemia (the opposite) can affect meter readings as well as the HbA1c. I have suffered from polycythemia vera for years. Most recently it has gotten worse and my HgB and hematocrit levels have a reached a point that my Drs have recommended bringing back a traditional remedy. Bleeding. So I manage the situation by being a regular customer of the Red Cross.

Which brings me back to your question, whether the high Hematocrit messed up my A1c and meter readings. I never got a good answer to whether high HgB affected A1c, it isn’t listed as an interfering factor at the NGSP, but anemia is repeatedly reported in the literature as causing false low A1cs. In 2013 a paper finally came out comparing meters against ranges of Hematocrit (low hematocrit is a hallmark of anemia). And it was this paper which convinced me to switch to the Verio IQ which had stable performance across a wide range of Hematocrit.

You can look up your meter in the paper and see how it performed. If it performed poorly you can argue to your doctor and insurance company that you need a meter that works. I’ve been satisfied with the Verio IQ.


A follow up. I have been taking iron supplements and things are back to normal including meter reading. I am using a one touch ultra mini.

Not sure why it can make numbers be off but when I do meter research studies they always test those numbers before starting any test. Guess it makes a big difference.