Animas 2020 vs Minimed 722 advice really needed

Hello all,

I’m a diabetic type 1, pumper of 10 years formerly with Distronic, then Del Tec. Recently my Del Tec died and my insurance is allowing me to choose from Animas , and Minimed.

I really need some advice I’ve done my homework, read different comparisons on the internet, but I would like to hear from anyone who has used both. The biggest factor preventing me from joining with Animas is the limited amount of insulin that it holds (170) vs the 300 units I am use to.

The subcontaneous blood glucose sampling feature is not a factor as my socialized medical care doesn’t cover this at this point in time but may in the future.

If you have used either pump, and have some good beefs or negatives to point out; please let me know.

If your interested in any information in the Cozmo pump I’m happy to share.

Mr. Happy

I chose the 722 because of the larger insulin reservoir. I liked the animas however but didn’t think it was a good trade as i would be changing sites almost twice as often…

@Bob - thanks for the reply, this is my concern also. Are you happy with the 722 ?

You don’t have to change your site when you change a cartridge with the Animas 2020. I change my cartridge about every 36 hours and only change my site every 72 hours (3 days). Animas pumps come with the Luer lock and all you need to do is take the cartridge out, unscrew the tubing from the cartridge, load the new cartridge, attach the tubing and you are done!

One of the reasons I chose the Animas pump was because of the waterproof feature. I have 3 young kids who love to swim (so do I) and it does great in the swimming pool. It also has a customizable food/carb database with 500 entries that you can change and add your favorite foods to.


Thanks for your comments, the luer lock sounds nice. The carb database seems interesting but I think I’d probably prefer just to look at the plate and dial up.

Are there any metrics or information that you Animas gives you that you find useful in tuning your basals or overall monitoring?

The software that comes with the pump is pretty handy. You download your information wirelessly (IR) and it shows your trends (both basal and bolus) and that can give you and your doctor info on how you are doing and what you should change. They are coming out with a new pump, the Animas Ping which will integrate a One Touch Ultra Smart glucometer that will communicate wirelessly with the pump and recommend bolus and basal rates. The new software will be both PC and Mac compatible. My Animas rep said the new software will also be compatible with my 2020. The new Ping pump is supposed to ship in August.
It sounds like you are not in the USA, so I don’t know if the Ping will be available to you or not. The FDA just approved it (but we are usually on the slower side of approving new things in the US, so you might be ahead of us!)

As for bolusing, there is an ezCarb feature that allows you to enter your number of carbs and your blood sugar. It will calculate the amount of insulin you need considering your insulin to carb factor, your insulin sensitivity factor, your blood sugar, and your insulin on board. This way you don’t over medicate and end up with a low several hours later.

I’ve been on the pump for just about a month and have cut my daily insulin use in almost half. From 200 units per day to about 110 per day. Part of this is the pump and part of this is actually watching what I am eating with a low-carb, high-fiber diet.

I would contact both pump reps and ask to see (try out) both pumps to see which features you like best!

I chose the 722 because of the larger insulin reservoir also… The animas looked so much more awesome, but like Andy mentioned, you’d be changing the cartridge and infusion site seperately. The two pumps basically accomplish the same thing, but if you’re like me with an extremely busy and active schedule, trying to keep up on 2 different schedules just for my pump seemed a little ridiculous. For me, I made it easier on myself, and just stuck to the 722 - the pump is supposed to give you more freedom and less worrying, right? and fyi, I LOVE my 722.

I’m on my second Animas pump, just used up my 4 year warranty so I upgraded to the 2020 from the 1200. I love Animas. The pump is awesome, I like that it’s waterproof (been great for swimming and beach vacations), I like their free-loaner program (although I’ll use my 1200 as a back-up now so I no longer need the loaner program). I like that basal rates can be set to 3 decimal places. I have a MM Guardian, so I’ve had experience with both of their customer service departments, and Animas costumer service is better, IMO. I only use about 35-40 units a day on average, so the reservoir has been fine for me.

I am currently upgrading my Animas 1200 to the 2020. I have worn a Minimed in the past, but not the 722. Both companies products are similar, but I’m sticking with the 2020 mainly because of the partnership between Animas and Dexcom. I wear a Dex cgm, and they are supposed to have the two linked sometime next year. The reservoir is not an issue with me though, as I only use 120 units each time (every 3 days). Even though you can just change the tubing every 3 days, you’re still spending more money to change the cartridge, so if money is an issue (when isn’t it???), then maybe the Minimed is the way to go.

I totally agree with you. I think I may just need to go with the 722, I guess my heart was just dazzled by the bright interface on the 2020 :wink:

I haven’t used the 2020 and the 722, but I just switched from the Animas 1250 to the MiniMed 522. Resevoir size is not an issue for me either, but I figured I had a few cents to throw at this conversation. All in all, both are very good pumps.

I originally went with Animas because of the waterproofing and the on board food DB. I found that my BGs went low too often when I swam, so I stopped wearing it in the water anyway. IMO, the food DB feature has great potential, but the entries are too cryptic to be of any real use. I hacked the DB and made it usable, but it’s too difficult to maintain that way.

The big thing I miss about my Animas pump is the way it’s bolus wizzard calculates a bolus in a low BG situation with insulin on board. Animas figures you got into this condition by accident and subtracts the IOB from the insulin recomendation. MiniMed figures you’ve still got carbs digesting and doesn’t subtract it. I typically get into this situation by a miscalculation or unexpected burning of BG, so Animas fit right into what I needed. With MiniMed, I have to find the Active Insulin line on my status and subtract it out from the calculation. Kind of a pain.

Yes, Animas gives you an extra digit setting basal rates (3 decimal places) and boluses (2 decimal places) versus MiniMed (2 decimal places for basals and 1 for boluses), but I have not found that to be much of a disadvantage moving to the MiniMed.

I do have one beef with Animas and that is that my pump broke 3 times in the 2 years I used it. Yes, they replaced it by the next business day, but the switch over is a pain. Also, two of those three breakages happened on a weekend so I was back to injecting for 2 days. Bummer, but there are worse things. I see a lot of these comments out there, so I don’t think it’s just me having problems with Animas pumps needing to be replaced.

On the whole, IMO, MiniMed is marginally more straight forward for me overall, but I don’t think you’ll be disapointed with Animas either. My recomendation is the 722, but it’s up to you.

Good luck.


Thanks for your post. I met with the Minimed rep today and saw the 722. The pump looks nice but I’d be lieing if I said that I’m not drawn to the Animas 2020. The features, and basic functionality as you know are all the same except for the amount of insulin stored in the cartridge. The menu on the Animas seems much easier to read and looks like “usability” and overall user experience was priority in design.

By the way are you using the blood sugar sample system?

Thank you everyone for such great advice, and for sharing your experiences with both pumps. I wanted to share that I ended up going with the 722. I just got it, and took my first bolus an hour ago :slight_smile:

All I can say is, its nice to be back on a pump.
Thanks everyone,
Mr. Happy

Let me know how that goes for you! I start my 722 on Saturday, first time pumping! This should be interesting!!!