Animas Belt Case

I have been using a generic cell phone swivel case and it needs to be replaced. Target no longer carries it and I can’t seem to find one. Can anyone point me to a web site that carries this type of case? I’m attaching a pic of the case.


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i got a few of these for cheap at a discount store [big lots if there’s one near you] and it’s a better fit than the one that came with the pump. i’ve worn out all the ones i bought except this one so i need to go look again and big lots, being a closeout store, is out of them. but the packages i have seen of cell phone cases are usually set up so you can put your hands on the case. and the pump. that way you can see if it fits before you buy it.
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Thanks. There is a BigLots not to far away so I’ll try and get there this weekend.

sorry to be late here but I found a nice phone case at Manards for 12 that fits the 2020 nicely.
have bought some at evil mart in the past also

Thanks. I’m not familiar with Manards and assume evil mart is WalMart?

BigLots had very little so the search continues.

Menards. Its another store like Lowes and Home Depot. Sorry for the bad spelling

No problem. Thanks for your help.