Animas Correction Calculation

I am going to start on the Ping soon and I have a question.

I was reading the manual for it and it says that for readings above 240 and below 70, there is a warning screen that appears. If you have the advanced bolus calculations activated and all, will it still read a correction amount if you are over 240? Let's say you are 300? Or 350? I know there are things to check like site, tubing, etc, but I would think it would still calculate for you, right?

A warning shows up on the screen recommending you do not bolus (when low) or to check ketones (when high). You press ok to move on to the next screen and it will take you to the regular calculation screen to bolus.

Thank you SOO much! I thought that was a sort of low-ish number for a cut off for highs, but as long as it’s JUST a warning, then WHEW!!! I feel better about getting it now!

those are the factory settings for a warning - you can adjust those. They will show you how to set that up when you go to pump training.