Animas exiting insulin pump market

I hate them, but I dont want to be stuck either.


At least you have time to think over your options. No need for a snap decision.

Well, not sure how it will go but looking good for a meeting with Omnipod next week. :slight_smile:
Remembered my hubby had a client who is a rep…very pumped up about this (pun intended).:slight_smile:Angled insertion and alternative sites is helping form my plan on this, and my dislike of Medtronic.

Dan, I’m not eligible to upgrade for 2 years, due to the warranty period of my current pump, so no waterproofing for me, yet. :slight_smile:

heck of an incentive, even for those who’s “politics” don’t match up with MM. I’m being facetious–I just mean if you, for whatever reason, have “animus” against MM.

I used the Inset 30 for several years with the Ping. I’m now using a Med-T pump and use the Silhouette infusion set. Like the Inset 30, it inserts on an angle and this may be done manually or via their “Sil-Serter” auto-inserter.

I have found the Silhouette infusion set 100% reliable and have not witnessed an occlusion or bent cannula, even once. I use the Sil-Serter to place my infusion sets. It allows me to reach some spots where manual insertion would be more difficult.

Melitta, i was a long time MM pumper, switched to animas about 5 years ago. Then on MM 630 for 10 days. Hated the HUGE size and scrolling/button pushes. Switched to tandem. Now on X2 and love it. It’s compact (smaller than vibe and way smaller than MM) and interface is terrific. Dexcom CGM integration is fantastic. BTW,…hello…I met you many years ago at a diabetes sports weekend thing in Santa Cruz, I think.

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Is there anything about the X2 that you don’t like?

I find the cartridge fill on the X2 to be a PITA. But really that is 3 minutes once every 3 days however it is still something I liked better on the Animas Ping.

Initially I thought the rechargeable battery was going to be yet another PITA on the X2. Turned out, I actually like the rechargeable battery BETTER than the replaceable AA battery on the Ping.

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How often must you recharge? The MM use an Energizer (NOT a Duracell) AAA battery that lasts at least 3 weeks, unless I use the MM CGM in conjunction with the pump. For me it is an annoyance to have to charge the battery in the Dexcom receiver so often (every other day for fear of it running out on day 3).

That is funny - Energizer NOT a Duracell.

The X2 manual states it should last 7 days on one charge when not integrated with the CGM and 5 days when running integrated. We don’t run ours into the ground to test this but the day to day usage appears to be inline with this (based on battery percent meter).

Typically we just plug the X2 in during showers as the pump is taken off for the shower anyway so no difference.

We can also charge it off a portable USB battery which we normally have for the phones anyway. Plus in the car we have the USB chargers so it can be plugged in there.

Really turns out to be a non-issue. As mentioned, I had thought it was going to be annoying but once we had the pump this was nothing.

BTW - For the Dexcom receiver - why not just plug it in at night? Then you never have to be concerned about it. Those can be charged off a USB portable battery as well.

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Yep, you can’t use a Duracell in a 551, 523, 515, 511, etc (don’t know about the 6xx series) because of some issue with the circuitry in those pumps being incompatible with the internal resistance or some other electrical aspect of the Duracells. I tried them a couple of times and they would die unexpectedly in about 3 days–they would die, when seconds prior, the battery indicator showed several bars of charge. Pretty crazy. MM had warned me not to use Duracells and I argued with them. Nothing is obnoxious as someone THINKING they are right, when they aren’t. I had a lot of egg on my face after that telephone confrontation.

here’s one item google found;_ylt=AwrTceJ_39ZZkL0AyNUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--?qid=20080123154944AA942Cv&p=can’t%20use%20duracell%20in%20medtronic%20pump

Totally understand. I think that is probably one of those things you are going to have to see it for yourself. It certainly sounds a bit on the crazy side.

I would have just assumed they were getting kickbacks from Energizer to recommend that brand.
ha ha ha

I also charge my Dexcom receiver battery via the USB port on my laptop. I use a G4 but I remember searching the G5 User Guide recently and was surprised to see more than one note that said to only use the AC adapter to recharge the receiver. I don’t know what this issue is but that claim made me do a double-take. I don’t think the USB charger hurt my G5 when I used it for three months.

Recharging via USB while I’m using the computer in the morning keeps my Dex nicely topped off.

I would be interested in a link to the small USB chargers that you like. Thanks!

I also read the manual about only using their charging equipment. I don’t think I ever used the included charger even once. I decided I was just going to ignore that part of the manual. lol. So far no issues.

T-slim charging
The Anker 3350 mAh battery (pictured in the link above) is quite small and light (and only about $15 on Amazon). About the size of a tube of chapstick (more or less). Works great with the X2 pump or the Dex Receiver or a Phone. Nice to have one easily carried battery that can provide backup power to all your devices.

I also have a larger Jackery 12,000 mAh portable USB battery (pictured below). I use this to power my tablet. This one is a bit bulky to lug around but nice to have for times such as camping or just if I know I will be running my tablet a long time away from convenient AC power. I use the 12,000 battery to charge anything. Tablet, Dexcom Receiver, Phone, whatever.

Thanks for the links. I just ordered the 3350 mAh charger. I have a 9600 mAh charger that is about 3-4 times the volume and weight of this smaller unit. I’m traveling soon and I think this’ll come in handy.

I have the smaller Jackery Bar myself. Same cool color. Works great and very cheap

Hi @Barb27: Isn’t it amazing to reconnect? Yes, that was the International Diabetic Athletes Association meeting all those years ago. Before the Internet! Thankfully, I have some time still under the Animas warranty, so I can investigate and try to figure out the best path…

I think that the Mio 30 is a clone of the Inset 30.

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@Dave44 - lol. Yeah do you like my “hunter orange”?

A) If I drop it outside then I can see it.
B) Nobody is going to take it thinking it is theirs


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