ANIMAS ezManager Software For Mac

During the past few weeks there has been numerous complaints about the ezManager software for Mac. This problem centers around the Snow Leopard Mac Operating Software Upgrade. According to Animas Tech Support there is a problem with the Universal Serial To USB driver which is an application file located in the EzManagerMax Software.

This is currently why you do not see the information listed in the communication port box, which is part of the software when you start the software. CURRENTLY Animas said that there is No Solution for this problem, and they are supposedly aware of the problem. I asked them to place a notice about this on the Animas Website and various other web site pages. As of today I have seen no information posted concerning this on the Animas Website.

If you are using the Mac Snow Leopard Operating Software then you will not be able to receive \ send your information between your Ping or the Mac. If you are still using the old Mac software ( and the Mac and Ping are working) then I suggest you keep your current Mac operating system, until Animas get’s the new drivers working with Snow Leopard.

I am currently checking other usb drivers to see if I can get it working. Also I am waiting for Apple to send me a universal driver for the Snow Leopard.

I’m still using 10.4.11 so can’t use the ezManager Software for Mac anyway. I guess that puts me in the same boat with those who have enough money to have the latest & greatest - no computer access for pump programming.

Hah, well, we can’t even get the Mac version here in Australia!! I have had to buy Parallels desktop so I can swap to PC just to be able to download my pump for an Animas 2020.

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to reply to this thread. I have Snow Leopard, and I can get about 80% of my data downloaded, then the dongle disconnects and the software freezes up. Is this similar to your experiences? any word on a fix? Kinda bummed that it doesnt work.