Animas insulin cartridge

Does anyone find the cartridge to be to small for their needs? Trying to decide between the 2020 and Minimed 722.

Feed back appreciated.
Mr. H

It’s on the small side (I take between 50-90 units daily), but it’s also a good reason to change sets every 2.5 days, which isn’t such a terrible practice to be in.

In my opinion, the pump size and features more than made up for the small cartridge size.

Thanks Rob, whats your favorite feature?

I find the cartridge to be just the right size for me! I use between 55 and 75 units a day and like Rob said…it keeps you in the good habit of changing your sets and everything regularly.

There are so many features that I absolutely love on this thing. The fact that it is waterproof was a big selling point for me. The ezCarb and ezBG are also awesome features. It comes preloaded with a 500 food database and you can use the software that comes with it to change, add, delete, etc the database. The screen is also a wonderful thing. So easy to read! I can sing the praises of this pump all day long!

Like Christine, the pump being waterproof was a huge plus for me. I also like the small size, I didn’t want to go the omnipod route and I think that the 2020 was the smallest traditional pump (meaning with tubing).

The built in Calorie King db to store your favorie foods is a great resource. I’m really excited about the rumored Dexcom integration with their next model (after the Ping).

I’ll ditto what Christine said. I love my Animas 2020. Waterproof (I have 3 small children and we go swimming a lot!!!), ezCarb and ezBG correction, multiple basal rates (for different times of the day and different days of the week), etc.

I use about 110 units per day, so I need to change my cartridge every 36 hours. One nice feature the 2020 has is that you can change the cartridge WITHOUT changing the infusion set. I change my cartridge when I need to and still change my infusion sets every 3 days.

Thanks everyone for your responses! I met with the Animas Rep yesterday and got to see the pump in person. Its really nice, I love the screen, though I’d be tempted to knock down the brightness of the screen to save on battery life.

I’m hoping to meet with the 722 MiniMed rep early next week. In the meantime I’m having to supplement with insulin pens and frustration.

Also one other general question for everyone regarding the infusion sets. I am use to inserting the infusion set myself, I was shown that now there inserted rapidlly a bit like finger pricker - do you get use to this? Seems a bit scary, what happens if you hit a sensitive area? The rep said that it was easier to use than inserting yourself, any comments?

The automatic infusion set is WONDERFUL!!! The needle is so small, I honestly DO NOT feel it being inserted. I was very surprised the first time I did it, but I’ve never had any pain with insertion. Much more comfortable than MDI’s.

Regarding the screen, yes, you can adjust the brightness. I’ve had two vitrectomies and that is one of the features I really like about the 2020 is the high-contrast screen - very easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

I still manually insert the infusion sets, since my insurance doesn’t cover inset 30s (don’t get me started), and I like the angled sets. You can use the manual insert sets if you want.

In general, I love my animas.

Sorry I am so late in chiming in on this…

I am so in love with the Inset 30s! It is (at least for me) painless! I was such a cry baby when I first met with my pump trainer and she wanted me to use this thing. But then she made me just do it and I couldn’t believe how painless it was!

So since it’s been awhile since this discussion started…have you made your decision?

I ended up going with the Minimed 722 due to the cartridge size. The insets are good. The pump is pretty straight forward though I agree the Animas looks much nicer. In the end the reservoir made my decision for me.

I am just curious did you look at the CozMore 1800 in your research? I am currently a Animas 1200 user, and my biggest complaint is the cartridge size as well, I am in the process of upgrading and just have one more pump rep to talk to before I make my decision to stay with Animas or change to the Mini-Med 722 or the CozMore 1800.

Hi, you were smart to let the reservoir make your decision. I’ve been getting pretty annoyed with having to refill my animas ping reservoir every couple of days. How do you like your medtronic pump?

I don’t find it a problem at all, it lasts 5-6 days. It all depends on your needs.