Animas OneTouch Meter Bag Tip

I recently got the pump and before was using the OneTouch Mini glucometer primarily because I could fit this in my pocket if i really needed too. So I was disappointed at the size of the Ping meter bag. It is essentially as big or bigger than an UltraSmart bag, which I also had, but eschewed in favor of the mini.

My Animas trainer gave me a tip - if you take the one touch mini bag and cut out the plastic holder for the mini, you can fit the Ping meter in there. Secure it with a bit of velcro if you're worried about it not being attached.

Be careful when you cut into the area around the strip holder so that you leave it attached.

See pics.



Must be a guy thing. (being limited to pockets) Me, I just toss the meter bag into my purse and it’s good to go. Glad you found a solution though. Btw I looked at your profile to see if you were in fact a guy and saw we are neighbors! Hey there neighbor…stay dry in all this deluge!

Yup a guy thing for sure. I just toss it all in one of my secure purse pockets. ha ha