Animas Ping doing pregnancy

Hey everyone, as some of you may not know I'm 5 weeks and 5 day pregnant today!!! I was wondering if any of you use the animas pump throughout your pregnancy..

I'm currently using the animas pump and was wondering how do you wear yours when your belly begins to grow?


I usually use my thighs, read end, or arms for infusion sets (I don’t like it on my stomach)… so I bet that you could use other sites!

Hi Sharray,

I alternate between 4 sites- right and left thigh and right and left side/back… a few weeks ago I experimented with putting the pump on my stomach because I have so much more real estate there now… but it was so painful! I had to take it off after a couple hours (I never felt pain at an infusion site before this).

I have always used the Inset-30 because I prefer it to the Inset… which do you use? I’m wondering if I’ll need to switch to the Inset at any time during the pregnancy.

This is my second time wearing the pump and I’m 28 weeks and still rotating on my belly. My lower belly seems to work best. But as I get toward the end I moved to my upper thigh. I think I did my lower back too. It’s just hard with these horrible maternity clothes rubbing on it sometimes.

Good luck!!!

Thanks everyone for your response!!

Hey Kristina i’m currently using the inset 23inch…this one works best for me…
i’m still wearing my pump on my belly, hope i won’t have to start using another site