Animas Ping Food Database anyone actually using it?

I have seen several mentions of the food data base, and how you can manage it, is anyone actually using it? My problem with it is the catagories. I would rather have the following Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Deserts, Sides. I haven’t found anyway to put new catagoroies into EZmanagermax yet. I am not sure how you make a backup of the original food database that you could restore in case you want to go back to the original food database.

Estel, I use the food database. Your right Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner would be nice lists. You can use the Favorites category for that though and just change the 1st letter of you foods in accordance.
B. Eggs Scram.
B. Eggs OverE
B. Cherios w/M
L. Ham&C on Wht
L. Chickn Nug
L. Tuna on Wht
D. Roast w/car&p
D. Pintos&dumplngs

And you can save your lists by clicking save on the original food list page. Just make sure you change the name when you save it so you will recognize it when you pull it back up. I’ve been keeping a notebook of what I eat the most so I can add to mine when I get a good day off. You can also delete the original items (like I did Dates right off the bat as I never eat them) to make room fo the stuff you do eat the most. The brand of wheat bread I eat only has 9 carbs a slice and the only ones in the database had 14 carbs so I added mine but kept the original for eating at work or on the go.

Good luck sweety it takes some time to get used to it. And I had to save my changes, close out the EZManager and reopen it so I could save my new list. IT took some time but it’s worth it when you get it right.

hot dog, and thanks Flywilley,
I like your approach and will use it.
about mid 2009 I bought the program from CalorieKing, and have built all my meals into it, about 70 of them, which I can
setup in the database. I can also delete the baby foods, and other things that I will never use. lol, before your examples, i was going to put it all spelled out in front, such as: breakfast: fried eggs, lunch: salad, etc. I received my Animas Ping late Friday, and have to wait until Monday to order the EzmanagerMax software, sigh.
Before I make many changes to the database, how do i make a backup of the original, in case i need to restore it sometime?

I love the food database! The default categories are a little weird, but like Fly, the Favorites categories is handy, and delete the stuff you don’t eat, like, etc! It does take some time, but it is worth it! Good luck!

The 1st time you open it you can “upload” your current database. then just save as original. After that go through and delete the baby food and what ever else you want rather don’t want. Tip: you can use it similar to Word by clicking the 1st one u want then hold the control button while you click the rest you want to delete. They will highlight in blue as you do this then when finished hit delete and it will delete all at once. That will save you a little bit of time. Then save that with a different name.

Once you build the list you want make sure you save it with a 3rd name. Make sure you save it before you try to download. Otherwise if you hit a gliche dowloading it won’t let you save it and you will have to shut it down and start all over (personal experience).

If it won’t download you will need to close out the ez-Manager and start it back up. It’s a bit tempermental.

BTW, congrats on your pump! What color did you get? Did you get training set up yet.

A little off topic, but… you can only store the food database in the meter not the ping pump???

Correct! It sucks, but it’s the only way that you can store it.

We’ve had the pump since August '09. I have not setup the food database, but I think I will start this weekend. It sounds like it is useful.

Is the database file small enough to send by email? I didn’t get one as I live outside America. Apparently the DB is only for U.S. I would greatly appreciated it if someone sent it to me and I could import it into EZmgr. Thanks

Hi FlyWilley,
You seem to know the food database system quite well. Is the Master Food database file small enough to send by email? I didn’t get one as I live outside America. Apparently the DB is only for U.S. and I live in Canada. I would greatly appreciated it if you could sent it to me and I could import it into EZmgr. Please let me know and I’ll send you an email address to send it to. Thanks very much!

Hi Liam,
The program won’t fit on email. I wish I knew how to do the links to post it on like CNET or a website but I’m still illiterate in that department. I haven’t tried copying the program yet though. I’ll try to look into that. I’ll also see if I can find a copy on line cheap for you too.

Hi FlyWilley,
Thanks very much for your kind response. I wish there was a way to send the database without sending the whole program.

Or can you build a new list and add every item from the whole Master Food DB and save it called “forLiam” and then just email that file to me?

I’ve used the website below to send large files. It works well and the free trial is good.

How many MB big is the program?

Thanks again!

It’s 181MB. What’s ur email and I’ll see if I can attach it


I got a question. Where do you get all your information on the food from? Is there a special database or from what source? I’m still trying to figure out how I can update my food database on my pump. Also, do you use the pump or is it the meter that we connect to update the list. Thank you!