Animas Ping or Omnipod

Hello everyone

My warranty runs out on my Animas 1250 in a few months and was wondering what thoughts were on the new Ping and the Omnipod. I love Animas because of their great support for the four years i have had their pump. However, no tubing would be amazing to me. Any suggestions would be helpful.



My family and I considered newbies. My duaghter was diagnosed in August 2007. Today, she is enjoying an OmniPod. We liked the Pod because of its simple installation but we ended up appreciating the following:

  1. The canula insertion is much less painful that the other canulas we tested.
  2. The PDM is very user friendly and we like its wireless capability.

I read somewhere that Animas did recall their ping due to a glitch that they just fixed. I do not know much about the ping and whether it holds your history records or whether the records reside on the Animas pump.

Best of Luck in your decision!

I start on the omnipod dec. 19th when I fly back home for the holiday from school. When is your waranty up on your current pump? Hope you had a good Friday.

My warranty runs up July 12th…i hope the new pdm for the omnipod is out by than because it will definently raise more interest towards the omnipod. I love my animas though and their customer support…it will be a hard decision.

I have only used the Omnipod. I really like it. I have not talked to any other companies, though I considered the Omnipod vs. The 2020. I really liked that pump, but I am not regretful of my decision. The Customer support for Omnipod is amazing to me, but then again, I think they have to be. They replace any pod that doesn’t work for me for basically any reason, even when it fell off in the water (wakeboarding and tubing shouldn’t be covered, hehehe). I would at least get a sample pod and try it, which you can get at and see how it feels, but you NEED to join the omnipod users group, or look at a lot of the recent postings, because I am sure that they can answer almost all of your questions. Thanks!
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