Animas ping?

I really need help deciding on a pump? Anyone that uses animas ping have anything to say? Does the tubing get to in the way?

I use Minimed pump, but did research on the Animas pump about 1 1/2 years ago. The Animas Vibe may be my choice, when it's time for my next pump.
I suggest you post your question in the Animas group, and you'll get more responses.
Animas Group

You will find many discussions on what you're asking.
For most users, tubing is not a big issue once they get used to it. I keep my tubing tucked in, and have not had problems in 15+ years. But others have different lifestyle, and it is more challenging, so they may decide on the omnipod.

Love my ping for 2 reasons: remote bolus feature and it being waterproof.

I’ve looked into a few pumps for when I’m able to finally get one in the future and liked the animas more than others for a few reasons.

Nice colors

Also from what I’ve read up and info I’ve gotten I’ve liked the customer service from animas. VERY quick responses and nice guy who is the coordinator for my province.