Animas using some misleading information

With their new “Ping” (it is just a remote pdm type device) for their pump, I saw some comparisons. As you know, there are two parts to the omnipod SYSTEM. One comparison chart question said “Full functionality of all components” and for the omnipod it said, “No, Only the PDM can control insulin delivery”. That is obvious. If they were to use pods that had controls, it would cost so much more for just 3 days. “Waterproof” “Yes, Tested and proven waterproof at up to 12 feet for 24 hours” I would like to ask them if I damaged my pump by leaving it in a pool for 24 hrs. if I get a free replacement… but for the omnipod, it said “No, watertight at 8 feet for 30 minutes”. I would consider the omnipod waterproof, because I have a very water-involved lifestyle. I live next to the beach anyways, but I have NEVER had a pod fail because I was in the water, and I spend A LOT of time in the water. I just wanted to even out this biased comparison a little bit… :slight_smile: it just steams my clams.
Here is the comparison URL.

The Ping even had a recall, if I heard correctly…

Hi Daniel -

When we were at Family Camp this summer, the Animas sales person was very aggressive in stating that their technology was “cutting edge” and that OmniPod had all sorts of issues. Our son was the only person at camp with an OmniPod so I felt it important to tell the other side. Once I had, the salesperson switched tactics and said that most diabetics like to go “unteathered” at times and that you can’t do that with the OmniPod. I told them that you could take your pod off for a little while if you were scheduled to do a pod change that day - sometimes we bolus our son, take the pod off and let him sit in the tub without it for 30 minutes or so than put the new one on. The salesrep tried to say that this was a bad thing but I kept at it and told them that it was possible. However, I really do feel the difference of the pod is that after a while, I would imagine that you don’t even feel it (I wore it for 3 days before deciding on it for Will and after the first few hours, really, didn’t notice it was there). I think they are just reaching…

I know that MiniMed is looking to make a tubeless pump since the rep told me that over a year ago. I would imagine that all the pumps will eventually look like an OmniPod or some variation. The only thing the older companies have going for them is that they have lots more money to develop a similar device. Let’s hope that Insulet gets on the ball and starts delivering on all their promises (new pumps and new, smaller pods) before the big wigs beat them to the punch.

As a consumer, I guess the best would be my choice. I love how the omnipod has revolutionized and enacted a tubeless pump, but if the other companies make a BETTER “omnipod” I would probably look into it. Nothing personal, but I would be pulling for Insulet :slight_smile: