Animas Vibe supplies from Liberty

I get my Animas Vibe supplies from Liberty. For the last two shipments, I noticed that the boxes of the 2.0 mL cartridges were not security sealed. The cartridges in the boxes were all within their plastic envelopes and seem secure. The boxes of infusion sets all have a taped seal on them.
I called Animas and got 3 different answers from 3 different people: yes they’re supposed to be sealed, no they’re not sealed and well, I’m not sure and can’t find out.
Liberty says they ship them as they receive them.
Can anyone else getting stuff from Liberty tell me if their boxes are security sealed?

I used an Animas Ping pump for about eight years, from 2008 to 2016, and I believe the infusion sets and cartridges are the same as the Vibe. The 10-set box of cartridges have never been security sealed as sent to me. The infusion sets, however, as you noted, do contain a box security seal.

During this time I received my supplies directly from Animas and then through a third-party supplier. I suspect that this issue was likely examined as part of the original FDA review (US) and approved. I’m not sure but these supplies may have first been used and approved with earlier pumps from Animas, like the 2020 model.

Thanks for the response Terry.