Animas vibe without remote bolus? really?

just had an animas rep at my house …real nice &the pump &service looks good.
after he left i online that vibe does not have a remote…
I have a 2 years old &this is critical for me.

so is this true ? why does the old ping has remote & vibe doesn’t ?

Yes, it's true. The reason is that they believe with the cgm screen being on the pump that the users will always be looking at the pump anyway, so no need for a remote. If you want a remote (critical to me too), then you have to go with the Ping and do the Dexcom G4 separately. I have this and I'm very happy with it and I'm glad that my cgm readouts aren't on my pump screen because I look at my cgm all the time, yet I hardly ever did my pump out of my bra. can always go to the CGM screen on pump when our child is no longer two years old if you want to change. I never use the remote - so when the Vibe comes out I won't miss it.