Animas Vibe

Hello, All. The screen saver is coming off my Animus Vibe. Can you get new ones? Funny, I had my last pump for 5 1/2 years and it was still perfect when I turned it in. I don’t see it in the product offerings. Thanks!

are you talking about the clear plastic thingy you can put on the window? i got mine through animas but i am sure if you look on amazon you’ll find one.

Here’s a source for the Animas Lens Protection Film Kit.

Here’s another source.

Thanks, Terry. I appreciate it. I wanted to get a thicker one like the one that comes on the pump as it is. I can’t really tell if these are thicker but at least it seems like it actually is made for them. I’ll see!

Ok, this is just maddening. The screen protector made by Animus is $15 Canadian dollars while it’s $55 dollars in America. I know the differences between the two separate dollars but we are getting ripped off either way!!

I agree, $55 USD is too much. Here’s a third source, this one in Florida. By the way, if it’s the Animas kit, it is the same quality and thickness as the original one.