So I have a green Animas 2020 insulin pump. I only started pumping in mid October ‘08. I absolutely looove it, I havn’t had control like this, ever. Howeverrrrr the green paint on my pump was chipping and my screen was like crazy mad scratched and indented. I had a doctors appointment a couple days ago and one of my nurses told me to call the toll free number on the back of my pump and that they should replace it for me because apparently it was a bad batch of paint. So I called Animas and spoke to this lady (who was super nice, btw), she took down my info, pump s/n, etc. And the next morning I had a brand spankin’ new green Animas pump. Needless to say, I’m super impressed with Animas and their customer service.
I’m trying super hard to keep my pump in it’s little case that it came with, because before I would just use the belt clip…
I’m not enjoying this black case, I found it bulky and it clips horizontal. I like to wear my pump vertically so that my tubing can slip right under my top [less likely to catch on something, etc]. I really wish someone made a silcone pump skin… like the ones they make for iPods.

This is great news, I’m looking into the Animas. A lot of people say that their screens are scratched. I wonder if they make a clear cover thingie for it.

I have had an Animas for almost a year now with no issues with scratches on the screen. You can go to a store like BestBuy and get a protective film made for phones and iPods to put on your screen to protect it from scratches.

Animas has awesome customer service. I e-mailed them for info. and the next day I had my e-mailed answered and the info I requested at my door by UPS. I will be getting my pump in 3 weeks. I think I will get the pink one. I will have to look into that screen film. Prob. need some anyhow for my new cell.

I use a “second skin - like” MP3 holder for my pump. Check it out here.

I just got the ping pump and silicone case yesterday, so far im impressed.