Ankle sprain and blood sugars?

last night playing soccer i got kicked really hard on the sole of my foot (i wonder how her foot is) which is now like a sprain/bone bruise. My sugar has been high ever since. i’m trying to determine if its cuz it hurts pretty bad and i cant walk on it, or if its just the extreme humidity that is playing games on my sugars. or the stress of finals… any thoughts or ideas?

last january i sprained my ankle during a basket ball game when i landed on another guy’s foot. i never had any problems with my blood sugars, but it could be stress on your body from the sprain that is causing high blood sugars.

Stress always makes mine go up.
Stress of pain, wondering about the bruise, finals, not moving around and why is my sugar high.
All that sounds like some stress.
You could increase your Basel rate.

Try not to worry or think too much, I know easier said than done.

I’d say stress from the sprain and/or stress from finals could definitely play into it. Maybe talk w/ your doc about increasing your basal rates some to see if this helps? I hope your ankle heals up quickly!

Any or all of the above could be causal factors. Treat the bg and see the doc about treating the injury. Untreated soft-tissue injuries have a bad habit of coming back to bite you any time it gets cold/hot/humid, when you stress the injured site later on, and later on in life. (There is a reason I have a collection of elastic ankle braces… dating back to delayed treatment of a sprain – I ignored it, my parents didn’t – in third grade.)