Ankle surgery Arthroscopic

Has anyone here had their ankle scoped? I just did. I have osteo-chondral defect caused by a fracture. They cleaned out the scare tissue and did microfracture to make Cartilage or scare tissue. It is hard to identify because it feels like a sprained ankle but it doesn’t go away. I have has ankle pain for 4 years. I did it playing indoor soccer. I hope it works. I need to workout. I was able to keep my pump on with my senor during the surgery. I will have no weight in it for 3 to 4 weeks. I will start rehab then. There is an 85% success rate.

Sorry for the poor English like “I have has ( should be had )”

My sensor has been great. I think it has helped my healing. I still have 2 of NWB. After that I have 4 more weeks of wearing the boot. Long recovery for having my ankle scoped. Most Athletes are out for the season if they have this type of surgery. I am feeling good. I have little pain in my ankle.

I had it done too, it worked out perfectly, 3-4 weeks with no weight though is a pretty long time for a surgery such as yours.

It has been 4 1/2 weeks since the surgery. I am doing ok. My PT says I am ahead schedule. I had microfracture done. I am biking for 15 min.