Announcing: TuDiabetes Daily Digest

Some of you have asked for an option to stay informed about the community without having to sift through RSS feeds or coming to the site every single day. Well, it is now possible thanks to a service called NutShellMail that we’ve incorporated in the community. Here is how it works.

1) Click on the Resources tab and select the “Daily Digest” option:

2) The page you are taken to is titled “NutshellMail”. You will be prompted for an email address (you can enter any address, not just the one you are signed in with on TuDiabetes), choose the delivery times you want the messages to be sent (up to three times per day, if you want) and select the sections you want to receive updates for (you can always go back and change things if you want to).

3) Click Save. You will receive a confirmation email you need to click on to make sure you start receiving your daily updates. Once you confirm your email subscription you will also be able to add your Facebook account and your Twitter account, so you can receive daily digests for your three favorite social media sites in a single digest! :slight_smile:

Hope you like this new feature we rolled out this week, to help you stay current with all that is going on in TuDiabetes!

I am using it and I like it! :slight_smile:

Me too! :stuck_out_tongue: