Annoyed, Frustrated, and Everything In Between

A couple of weeks ago, my endo increased my dose of Cycloset to three pills in the morning, totalling to 2.4 mg (out of a possible 4.8 mg). That coincided with the onset of a cold, so I had trouble distinguishing the side effects from the cold.

But now I'm over it and I've had varying degrees of nausea (and severe loss of appetite, to the point where the thought of food makes me a little sick), dizziness, and migraines nearly every day. When I called my endo to tell him about how the new dose was working, I mentioned (okay, complained) about all of it.

He told me to split the dose, two pills in the morning, one at night (we'll see how well that works, considering the patient insert specifically says to take it within two hours of waking up in the morning).

But I'm sick of this. I'm tired of side effects and medication changes and drugs I'm not even sure will work. I'm tired of doses that wear off and being told "that's a rare side effect". I'm tired of everything with this stupid disease and all the crappy medications that go with it!

But when I brought up insulin, there was a pause, followed by a disbelieving "No...that's definitely not an option. You don't need that."

I like my endo. I trust him and I respect him and I don't know of many endos that will medicate diabetes with a normal A1c. I really, really don't want to switch. But I'm so frustrated!