Annoying breathing problem..question?

I have an annoying breathing disturbance. Here it is…breathing is a function of the body’s autonomic system. It’s like your heart beat…it happens without your thinking about it. Ok, so I have days when it seems that I’m always having these big breaths in the middle of my normal breathing. Mothers out there might understand it better if I said that it’s like those strange little breathing “things” that your newborn baby makes. It’s sort of like sleep apnea but without the long delays of not breathing. … plus it happens when I’m wide awake. To make myself clearer. It’s not like a sigh…but more like an unintentional larger and definitely obvious breath in the middle of normal breathing. Sometimes there are a couple of those extra breaths. Just thought of another example of what it’s like. You know when a child has just finished crying and they’re making those sniffing sounds?

Anyone experience anything like this. It’s very annoying. My doctors don’t seem that concerned. I guess they’re thinking as long as I’m breathing…

Is it like an “almost snore?” It happens when I am relaxed but not sleeping. Not talking or anything. Almost sounds like a pig snort!!???

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Not really…sounds more like a big sniff. Again, sometimes there are multiple “sniffs” in a row. Now, the doctor is talking about hyper-active lungs. OK, so there’s a name for it…this is crazy!!! We could be talking about the same thing. I wouldn’t have brought this up if it was just every once in a while…but, when it’s going on it’s several times during the day…hard for me or someone else to ignore. I haven’t always had this going on…that was the reason for my concern.

I think I know what you mean…do you get heart palpitations with it? I get that once in a while…I used to wonder if it was remotely associated to asthma??? But you’re right; Drs don’t seem too concerned about it! Could it be caused by stress, or nervousness. Almost sounds like a slight panic attack…but there was no reason for me to panic when popped up!

Doctors are calling it hyper-active lungs. Sounds like a catch all to me. I have COPD and asthma, as well. It just seems like I forget to breathe…during the day. It does sometimes sound like a snort. Nothing panicky going on. I get…pardon this…".nervous pee" when I’m anxious. That’s quite annoying…constantly running to the toilet!!
Since breathing is one of those autonomic things, it’s hard to be aware of my breathig prior to the event. I was finally able to notice that at least on several instances…there was no unusual breathing prior to the big quick breath. I’m telling you, it’s really annoying some days when it seems to be happening dozens of times.

Scary that…is there something that can be done?

It would be like…give me some drugs please; and none of my doctors seem to think that it’s important. I guess…as long as I don’t stop breathing altogether…

Tsk!..Yeah…that wouldn’t be good!!!