Another attempt at writing

So, this is my second blog and I still don't know what I want to write about. I was really bored so I started writing a story that just came to me out of nowhere. It's not even a story yet. I'm not sure how to proceed though. Any ideas, folks?


The sound startled me. Damn you, builders, I thought. I was tired of the on-again-off-again constructions near our area. Nearly every day of the past month I had woken up to the sound of cranes and trucks."It's sunday, for God's sake! Enough is enough", I told Daniel, who was sitting next to me and reading the newspaper. He was completely oblivious to my discomfort. So much for being my soulmate.
I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Caffeine, I was hoping, would lighten up my mood. I had realized my day was going to be bad when the noise had awakened me, but I didn't think it would completely change my life as I knew it.
After having the refreshing coffee, I got dressed and decided to replenish the fridge. I grabbed my purse, my hat and my sunglasses and I was just about to write a note for Dan, telling him that I'd be back in an hour (He doesn't like being disturbed during his workout), when I heard his voice call out to me.
"Hey, Bex, where are you off to so early in the morning?"
"The fridge is almost empty and I know you need OJ."
"Wait, let me get dressed and we'll go together."
"Ok, hurry up."
I could tell he was really making an effort to spend more time together. The thing is, we don't see each other that often because of our job. Being an actress is no piece of cake, let me tell you. Yeah, I know you earn a lot, get recognized, people worship you, yada yada, but you can't even go to the supermarket if you're out of shampoo or something. I always have to disguise myself and take my car even when I just want to go around the block. But, not today, NO. I want to be normal and lead an ordinary life. Crazy people stalking you, sitting outside your house all day just to catch a glimpse of you, hoardes of fans yearning for autographs, yeah, not very pleasant. Don't get me wrong, I know fans make or break an actor's career, but this is getting way over line.
Dan and I met on the sets of our first movie. Rebecca Stone wasn't a well-known name then and I was perfectly happy. But Daniel Webber was every teenage girl and her mother's fantasy. Over six feet, blonde hair, blue eyes, the works - hotness personified. Female fans would just drool over him wherever he went. Ours wasn’t love-at-first-sight. My first impression of him was that of an arrogant narcissist and he thought I was a heartless ■■■■■ (What, just because I don’t dole out my hard-earned money for a million charities, I’m a bitch? Even if I am, fine, sue me.). But you must’ve seen enough number of movies to know what happens when a guy and a girl hate each other’s guts. Actually, in this case, our publicists had a little to do with it too, but let’s not quip over details. We’d been dating for two years before we got married last year (Two girls reportedly committed suicide, but no guy that I know of even wept over me. Huh.).
I saw Dan waving in front of my eyes.
“Bex, I’ve been calling out to you for the past five minutes. Day-dreaming again?”, I turned to see him grinning cockily at me.
“Haha, really funny. What is it?”
“I couldn’t find my sunblock.”
“Did you check the cabinet beside the dressing table? The cleaning lady must’ve kept it there.”
“Never mind, I found it. Let’s go.”
I stepped out of the apartment and locked the door behind me. Dan and I always take the stairs. I raced him till the first floor, but just when we were about to reach the lobby, my cell phone rang. I recognized the ringtone and checked the caller-id only to realize that my worst fear had come true. I groaned.
Emily Webber.
If you haven’t guessed already, that is my mother-in-law dearest.
I started to panic. Why would she call me and not Dan? What was she trying to do, kill me? I pressed the green button to receive the call.