Another day fighting the good fight

Does anyone ever get fed up with doctors who don’t listen to you? You tell them what is going on with when they ask and they walk all over what you are saying and don’t read what is right in front of them, of the notes they took the last time you were in there. My primary care doc listens to me (but you cna’t get one doctor to contradict another one), but he did tell me that we would get a second opinion if the physical therapy for my shoulder did not help. I just can’t figure out how physical therapy will help a shoulder that has bone spurs and a collar bone that has arthritis but i will give him a month of pt and see what happens. On top of my orthopedic surgeon not listening to me, he gave me the drug feldene for anti inflammatory meds. I was told by an endocrinologist that that drug was what damaged my pancreas and liver and i was not to take any more anti-inflammatory drugs,ever! I told the orthopedic surgeon that and he even wrote it in a report he gave to the compensation people. But, when i go in the next month he gives it to me anyway. He not only doesn’t listen but he refuses to believe that I had not had diabetes before January, other than the month or two that led up to the diagnoses in January. Of course I understand why he refuses to believe it, because he was supposed to be checking the liver with blood tests and never did it. Therefor if he doesn’t believe it doesn’t exist.and he can’t be held responsible. Ego trip ! If it did happen then it isn’t my fault.
Since January I have had to deal with doctors who pat me on the head and tell me everything will be fine, (quickly found a different doc!), doctors that actually listen to me and try to find a solution or at least a move in the right direction, and those who don’t listen and just tell me to blindly do things without an explanation. I had not been to a primary care doctor since 1999, so having to deal with all these doctors now is very frustrating and on top of that not having insurance and dealing with the state agencies to get some kind of coverage to cover the hospital bill that came with being in icu for 3 days with ketoacidoses, has been a real headach. It seems like my life has turned into round after round of doctors, specialists, and dentist and eye doctors, I realise things should slow down once I get past all these first appointments. At least I found someone out of all of them that listens to me, even the eye doctor listenes and told me that I had not had the high sugar that landed me in the hospital very long as he could not detect any damage or even a beginning of damage in my eyes. So why is it so hard for others to believe it? Other than that the specialist don’t want to be sued for not following up on drugs that were prescribed.
Since my diagnoses I have been trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel and get my life back on track. Half the time I am told “just one more form” and this will be over. Or that everything will be fine in time. I don’t want to wait anymore for my life to straighten out I want it fixed now, lol patients was never my strong suit! I am learning to take one day at a time and fix what i can that day and not worry about it again until tomorrow. AT least after these three months my sugar levels are improving and I am taking better care of myself, I have learned that much at least. I learn more about this disease everyday that helps me control my sugar and this gorup has given me alot of good advise and some great questions that I can take to my doctor to help me understand more. I am so glad of this group and the wonderful peole here, if I didn’t have this place to vent, learn, listen feel the caring of those here I would have been nuts long before this, oh wait I already am nuts…lol!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of medical care. Personally if I have a specialist and they will not listen to me I will drop them and either go back to my GP or I will find a new one. I refuse to stay with a Dr. that won’t listen to me.