Another day

Well, things continue to progress, more fine tuning, more to come…

It’s getting easier to trust the pump as I continue to see results. A week ago, I was about ready to have a re-boxing party

I got my Carelink USB (I am on the Minimed Paradigm) dongle last night and promptly found that my operating system on my PC at home is incompatible (64-bit Windows XP). It will work on the kids PC, which is Vista, but Vista is such a pain in the rear, I decided I’d load it up at work.

Got it all running and uploaded my data, some cool reports, now if I just understood what they all meant! I gave my CDE my user id/password so she can take a look, sounds like I’ll be the first patient she’s actually been able to use it with

My biggest gripe at the moment is actually the UltraLink meter, but that is the topic of a another post…

All in all, it seems to be going much better, now instead of remembering to take my shot, I have to remember to bolus!


Glad things are going better!

(About Vista, I didn’t like it one bit. I just did a free downgrade to XP this weekend! Much better :)… )

Yeah, I couldn’t get Carelink to work on my 64-bit Vista, so I put on XP on my Macbook. Haha. XD

I hear you on understanding the reports!! Good luck!

I don’t care for the UltraLink meter at all. Do you have CGMS? If you do, you probably know about the ridiculousity with that! Though I decided to stick with my Accu-chek compact before that anyway. I found it more convenient to not have to deal with single separate strips and codes with Accu-chek than it is to have the UltraLink beam my BS over.

yea, the first week was pretty rough, Debb, glad I stuck with it… what was the question again?

Thanks Kristin, congrats on your downgrade!

Jaclyn, I don’t mind the single strips as much as I do the strips themselves, i find them hard to line-up with the sample at times, esp when my sugars are low. I used to use the Accu-Check Aviva, the programming chip was nice, luckily, the OneTouch doesn’t have as many codes. I found the Aviva strips much easier to use

I’d actually like to try the CGMS (don’t have one), at least for a few weeks, esp to see what my sugars are doing in the middle of the night… oh well, maybe later