... another day

I have a blog on my personal website, a blog at “blogger.com”, a blog at MySpace, and a blog at LivingHopeChurch.com. I normally cross-post my blogs to all of my blog pages. I haven’t ever been really good at keeping a regular schedule on my blogging activity. I actually pretty much suck at that. Severe ADHD keeps me from getting much completed, but the intentions are sincere. :wink:

I was just sitting at my iMac, listening to the new Tenth Avenue North record, and just reflecting. You know, no matter how much we suffer, no matter what we endure, it’s really nothing compared to what JESUS the CHRIST did for us. HE is GOD, yet HE humbled Himself to be a human, just to be with us, to show us the example of what we can be, then to take our death penalty… and then HE rose from the grave, victorious over death, and hell, ALL so that we can be with HIM forever. HE was beaten beyond recognition. His beard was plucked from His face. His back was beaten with thirty nine ruthless lashes from a brutal whip with nine ends, each with sharp rocks and metal at the ends, a whip called the “cat of nine tails”, until his back looked like ground meat, His ribs and muscles exposed to the naked eye. HE was then forced to walk through the city of Jerusalem carrying the very cross that HE would be hanged on for His execution just moments later. When HE fell under the weight of that cross because of the weakness HE was experiencing due to the beatings and torture, a humble man helped Him up and carried His cross the rest of the way to the execution site. HE wept. HE bled. HE suffered. HE died. HE rose from the grave, spent forty more days with His disciples and other followers, then ascended into Heaven AS THE GOD-MAN to sit at the right hand of the FATHER in Heaven. HE promised that HE would be with us always, and, since HE cannot lie, HE IS with us always, in the form of HIS HOLY SPIRIT, Who lives with us, here on Earth in the hearts of everyone who has chosen to receive JESUS the Christ as their Saviour and Lord. HE loves us. HE teaches us. HE guides us. HE directs us. He comforts us. HE HEALS US! HE does. HE promised.

This diabetes that torments my life is NOT mine. It is temporary. JESUS did NOT take that whipping for no reason. The Bible states that with HIS stripes, we WERE healed! IT’S A DONE DEAL! JESUS, on the cross and dying, said, “IT IS FINISHED”. Included in that final statement was our healing. I choose to receive that healing. I choose to receive that forgiveness. If I have the faith to believe that HE can forgive AND FORGET all that I have done in my life that is sin, wrong, evil, against God, then I have enough faith to also believe that HE is my HEALER. HE promised! I will wait on Him. I will spend my days with HIm. I will thank Him and rejoice always, no matter how bad I feel. No matter how much pain I am enduring, I WILL praise JESUS the CHRIST, and give glory to HIS NAME, and NOT because of what HE can do for me, but because of WHO HE IS. That is ENOUGH for me.

Every day I choose to step into the brand new mercies that he has for me. Each day is new. Each day is fresh. Each day is a brand new start, with new mercies for that day… and, tomorrow… another day.

AMEN,my friend!, Jesus I love you with all of my heart,Jesus I love you with all of my mind, Jesus I love you with all of my soul, Jesus I love you with all that I am!..God Bless,

This is the most beautiful I’ve ever read on this site. I’m glad that you are being positive. You are a strong man. Patti

Im sincerely amazed and my heart i8s deeply touched with your courage and faith… God bless.