Another Doctor - Another Disease


This must not be my greatest year. I saw a new primary care doctor last week, for a “meet & greet” appointment. Instead she did a physical much to my dismay. It all started with the phrase "you look pale, are you anemic?’ In truth, I’ve been anemic in the past, I thought due to my vegan diet. She decided to run full metabolic panel and check for iron and b12 deficiencies. Because I’m now type 1, she ran parietal cell antibodies test, and lo and behold I’m anemic. Iron deficient and pernicious anemia (another autoimmune pain in my rear!). Let’s just add more shots to my life…I already feel like a human pincushion. On the upside, I go back tomorrow for treatment, and they say I will have a lot more energy. I guess I’ll see.


I always joke that I hate going to the doctor because they keep diagnosing me with new illnesses when I feel fine.


It’s like a mechanic… they go in to fix one problem, and find 3 others in the process.


At least a doctor won’t try to sell me blinker fluid.


If you are eating a lot of soy, you might want to read up on how it promotes thyroid disease and problems in the stomach lining which may be contributing to your problems.

There’s an excellent book about this which not only goes into the health problems soy creates, but the way that the soy industry has lied and spun the research to convince a lot of innocent people that their beans are good for them, when they aren’t.

Soy beans have many qualities in common with peanuts it turns out, including the tendency to provoke allergic response. Details and a link to info about the book are at “Avoid Soy”

BTW I used to eat a lot of soy too, but it ended up giving me a massive hormonal/depressive reaction which led me to researching “soy poisoning”. The problems resolved when I completely cut out soy, too.


Oh Mollyjade that is so true! I did have a doctor that joked once about sending someone to the hardware store to find fallopian tubes!

Jenny, that is very intersting about the soy. I’ve never been too big on soy products in general, but I also remember my brother saying that it had a connection to breast cancer. Something about how it mimicked estrogen, in that it can accelerate cancer.


sigh… and I bought a soymilk maker because we’re going broke. I thought making milk would be much less expensive and the kids would be healthy too. I’m slowly learning.
Now, I make rice milk:P


Well, try to look at it as an opportunity to feel better. I know it’s hard to accept more things wrong, but, if it can be fixed, so much the better.