Another Doctor Appointment

Well, I had another doctor appointment today. She didn’t seem that happy with me after I told her about my little high number night . She said the next time my blood sugar goes up like that I need to come to the hospital! My answer was that they might have thought I was just another party girl that couldn’t hold her drink. She knows me so well… I am not that type person at all! ( I have always been the D.D. Expect on my Birthday of course!) She said that we will get some Gravol and liquids into me stat and bring that sugar down.She then scared the daylights of me and said I could have had gone into a coma or something to that effect. Not good.

I have know learned that this is why I was sick all last week. I missed 4 days of work with very bad flu like symptoms. Even today my AM numbers are poor 7.4 , 10.1 ( and that is without eating anything! ) I am still all over the map. Which means I am not in control. I need to get control ASAP. This is my last chance or it is PILL time. I have about two months to make the magic happen. Wish me luck. Sorry to ramble and be a sour puss But, I don’t have anyone to vent to. I finally today told a family friend that I am Diabetic. I’m still in denial for the most part. Plus, it is 2:33 in the morning. I have to get some sleep… 6:45 am comes quickly.

I just tested my blood 15.4 grrr.

Night All!

Why not go on meds? If diet and exercise alone aren’t working to create on-target blood sugar numbers, then why not meds?

I come from a place–36 years with type 1–that has brought me to an acceptance of meds. I don’t like the cost. I don’t like the need to monitor. I don’t like the dosage adjustments. But I need them to live–and to thrive. Of course, people with type 2 can often go for years without meds. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Please don’t look at meds as failure. Sometimes our bodies simply need the extra help to put us in a blood sugar range that protects our hearts, nerves, eyes, kidneys, etc., from harm.

In the US the standard of care is to put people newly diagnosed with type 2 on metformin at the very least.

If you’ve never been shown a graph of what happens with type 2 over time, here’s the short version: A person is diagnosed with type 2 when fasting blood sugar reaches 126 mg/dl. Typically, however, blood glucose has been elevated for years before that. (126 just happens to be the point at which retinopathy makes a sharp increase. But people under 126 also show eye damage). During the years that blood glucose has been elevated (due to insulin resistance), the beta cells of the pancreas have worked hard to churn out more insulin. Eventually, however, their function decreases. So then a person is fighting insulin resistance and is making less insulin of her own. And, incretin, a gut hormone, also decreases, which contributes to elevated blood glucose.

There is much research right now that shows going on meds (pills and/or insulin) early in the diagnosis of type 2 helps preserve the function of the beta cells, hopefully leading to less and fewer meds over time. Better control of blood glucose levels. More energy. Freedom to enjoy food once again.

Best wishes as you figure out what’s right for you.

I agree with Kelly. Diet and exercise is only good when bg is controlled…or at least near normal. With those high numbers you have, your doctor still wants you to wait two more months before going on pills? Im not a doctor, but I have read that constant extreme numbers can already create certain damages in our body. What is your most recent A1C?
Indeed, pills may cost…but it may also save lives… or at least helps avoid or defer D complications. Diet, exercise and meds are the usual recommendation for type 2. When numbers improve after a certain period of time…meds can alaready be removed or at least given in a lesser dosages.
I may be wrong though…but .based from my experience (Im a type 2), my doctor monitored my bg and A1C closely. I also had high numbers just like yours and she prescribed Glimiperide 2 mg, metformin 1000 mg, diet and exercise. After a year and I improved my numbers (presently I have A1C of 5.9), I am now down to metformin 500 mg once daily. My goal is to be off medicines soon =)
I understand though that every diabetic is different…maybe another doctor’s (endo) opinion will help? Hope all will be well with you Carly.