Another Gym Fiasco

Sunday morning I woke up to go to my training session at the gym. She had me doing a new routine of strength training/cardio combo. After twenty minutes I started getting so tired, I could hardly lift my tired body. Then all of a sudden, I start feeling really nauseated. Which is not an odd thing for me because sometimes I feel like that during a gym workout.

So, because of how tired and weird I started to feel I checked my blood. 221. Then, my mouth starts to water. You know the feeling, right before you are about to vomit. I run to the bathroom and yes, I puke.

The trainer came into the bathroom after a little bit asking if I was ok. I told her I felt better. After I came out from visiting the porcelain god, she asks G, you pregnant? Im like umm NOOOOO. I’m really not I swear!

I cut my gym session short because I felt like total and complete crappol-a.

Anyway, just curious to know if anyone else gets the chunks at the gym. I heard some people do, but, how do I prevent feeling that way during a workout? Its really ANNOYING!

Hi Gina, sorry you and the Porcelain God have been hanging out a little too much. I have been through that also. My sugar is fine but my body is objecting in a big way to 20 minutes on the treadmill. I tried a couple of thingd; I think what i found was eating to close prior to working out or drinking to much fluid while working out. Small sips work even though you sometimes feel like you could drain a small lake to deal with your thrist. Once you start working out your body reduces the blood going to your digestive system and so if there is too much in there you get that sick feeling and then the invite to visit the Porcelin God arrives soon after.
It is Awesome you are in the gym, just experiment a little with food, fluids and I hope it helps.
Take care