Another homecoming?

Hey folks, I am about to mske another announcement:

TA DA! I am set to go home from the rehab/nursing home on Wednesday, August 1. 2012!! With a new power chair designed for me worth $13,000!!! After about 8-1/2 months there, they must have decided to get rid of their genuine pain in the butt! lol

I will update y'all on this past incarceration after I get home and settled in my new routine with the aides and all.

Hugs and kisses to y'all.


Feisty friend !!...Judith hit it right on ...I have always liked August 1 dear Mom's birthday in the heat of summer .

Congratulations Lois! That's great to hear!

Congratulations, Lois! I bet you're happy to be going home!

Good news, Lois, congratulations for persevering!

It's great to SAY!

Happy is a totally inadequate word! Ecstatic! (spelling?)

Woof woof, arf arf arf, Sheila. Oops! Forgot that your picture doesn't match your picture! Thanks. I've had more than enough to persever against.

Hi Lois, woof woof and arf arf right back... However, this is Trudy!