Another "How Do you Carry Stuff" Discussion

Hi All!

I’m new to the diabetes thing but not to running. I was diagnosed with Type 1 in May, and when the endo gave me the okay to begin exercising again in July I decided to get back in shape. I had taken about 1.5 years off, but have been getting back in to the swing of things quickly.

Anyway I’m running the Philly RnR Half with Insulindependence in a few weeks and then the Baltimore Half in October, and I realized I should probably carry my meter with me during the races. I also need to carry nutrition with me (I’ve been training with GU’s and will stick with that). Before having diabetes I wouldn’t have carried anything for a half. I’ll probably be in the 1:50ish range, so while not crazy fast quick enough to not want something bouncing around or chafing. I use the One Touch Ultra Mini. What does the collective recommend?


I like RaceReady LD (Long Distance) shorts. They have lots of pockets to accommodate whatever you need.
Other options are SpiBelt, Fuel Belt, Amphipod, etc. All have their advantages and disadvantages.
The LD shorts are great for carrying gels. With the top sticking out of the pocket, you can easily grab them and pull them out. I keep the meter in one of the velcro side pockets.
Good luck in your post-diagnosis racing!

I carry my meter and strips plus something for if I go low so I love any short w/pockets. Nike and Lululemon so far have the best ones, for me anyway.

I also like the spy belt, it’s small and streamline.

I carry my meter (plus strips…), my pump, gels, sodium pills and keys. It was just too much for a regular pack so thanks to acidrock23 I bought an Amphipod

Hey, contrats on signing up for the race. I love the RnR halfs!! They do serve up GU on the course, so I always take advantage of those, but I also carry 3 of my own, just in case. I am not on a pump (yet), so I can’t address your other questions. Good luck and have fun!!