Another Installment of the Exercise Experiment

The facts:

Turn basal off at 5 pm, BG is 139

At 7 pm, BG is 86, eat whole wheat bread and peanut butter - 20g carbs

At 7:15 pm, do 35 minutes of VERY HIGH hills on the treadmill at brisk walk

At 7:55, BG is 118

At 8:00 pm, decide to do yoga class, drink 5 sips of Powerade - 10g carbs?

At 9:00 pm, end awful yoga class, BG is 149

At 9:05 pm, go home feeling like I missed the mark again.

The theories:

For just the 35 minutes of cardio, I nailed it. Two hours off pump and 20 grams of carbs and I was good.

It's when I get over an hour of exercise that they go up, so maybe I need to start keeping the pump on me and turned down if I want to go over an hour. This will require further experimentation. Also, the yoga, since it's more resistance work than cardio, probably has a BG-raising rather than lowering effect. It was a truly horrible class, though, so I'm not going back.

Next steps:

I turned down my basal to .45u/hr last night because I was tired of going low in the middle of the night. I woke up at 98, so that's good. My daily rate is also turned down to .525 u/hr, since I was dipping 3-4 hours after meals and I'm tired of having to eat before going to the gym.

I'm running tonight, so we'll see how it goes.

Any one know of any reputable sources out there to help a sister out with this kind of stuff? Experimentation is fun and all, but sometimes you just want an expert.