Another negative experience visiting the endroconologist

Type 1 for 25 years , I have a minor complication of overly sensitive feet ( like I’d actually cry if given a foot massage ) despite that my vision is 50/50 and no blood vessel damage ,
The negative is I cannot seem to lose the 70 pounds I gained while I was pregnant . I go to gym a minimum of 2x to 5x a week and I eat very healthy and my weight goes up 4 pounds and down 4 pounds . So therefore I pretty much maintain my weight and I hate this cause I’m not a weight that makes me happy cause I’m obviously considered overweight . So I tell the dr all this and he just listens and says my thyroid is slightly elevated but not bad enough to blame my weight struggle on , so that was one negative aspect of my appointment cause he pretty much gave me the vibe that he didnt believe me that I do lead a healthy lifestyle but my outsides aren’t showing it . Second I just found out from my dr today that he is trained to treat a type 1 diabetic the same way one would monitor one who has ALREADY had a heart attack
I’m 35 I don’t smoke ,or drink monitor my sugars like 5-10x a day , go to a gym and say no when my whole family is getting ice cream from the ice cream truck and despite my strict lifestyle I still have an a1 c of a 7.9 and a weight that is 70 pounds more than I was before I was pregnant . Last but not least I was also told today that a type1 diabetic has the same risk of a heart attack as a SMOKER !
I’m actually considering to drop outa school and turn into a hypocontreact and just visit the cardiologist weekly so when something is about to happen I will catch it and my life shall be like a robot just testing testing so I can achieve a 6.5 a1c and no that I won’t die young and leave my seven year old daughter with no mother
Sorry so negative but its kinda hard not to feel these feelings when the docs really aren’t helping me
But only ruining my moment in time by feeding me all these negative facts that I secretly feel will one day happen to me

I'm very sorry your endocrinologist upset you. A lot of docs don't realize how insensitive it is to constantly remind us what being diabetic means for our bodies.

Though it's true the average T1 has the same risk of heart attack as a smoker (more or less), you're taking care of yourself. An A1c of 7.9 isn't great, but it CAN be improved, and the fact that you're invested in your care is a step in the right direction. Just the fact that you're here is helpful--interacting with other people who understand helps us better able to cope with what often feels impossible.

Have you tried Symlin? I've heard it helps with weight reduction in T1s and can also help you lower your A1c. It's very hard to lose weight, and a lot of people underestimate how difficult it can be. I struggle with my weight, too, and I don't have a lot of good ideas to help you, but I do know it's hard.

I tried symilin about 3 years ago and I got off it after 2 weeks cause I would be to low or perfect an hour after a meal but I was always high 3 hours later , however that is something they suggested I try again , and I think I’m gonna try in again but I know from past attempts that symilin isn’t a wonder drug it’s kinda hit or miss

I had one endocrinologist who would upon seeing me every visit tell me that I had diabetes because I was fat. I don't consider myself fat. When I asked him for suggestions on how to lose weight the only suggestion he had was a medically supervised starvation program called Medifast. That is a totally inappropriate and generally useless approach. My general experience is that doctors are all too common to identify weight gain as a major health risk when it isn't and then they are useless in understanding how to help patients lose weight.

The plain fact is that the biggest health risk in your life is high blood sugar. For every 1% higher your A1c, your cardiovascular disease risk rises 100%. Far more than the risks from weight, cholesterol and even smoking.

You are free to chose another endo, one who will listen and give you sensible advice. And you can chose to look to other sources of information should you want to lose weight.

I agree with Brian: get a new endo. I am on my 3rd endo in 2 years. My longtime one moved away, but the second one was horrible. When he told me that if I came to see him again with an A1C of 5.1, he would no longer accept me as a patient, it was time to move on. I did some serious online research and have found someone who seems OK, but I have only been twice.

Generally, I use the endo to write my scrips for pump supplies. My GP writes all the insulin, test strips, etc. for me. So, I do not see the endo regularly.

I don't know why I didn't suggest this--please get a new endo. There's nothing good about an endo who makes you feel bad.