Another One Bites the Dust

So I inducted someone else to my “I know about your diabetes club” last
night. My second older brother called me last night just to see how I
was doing, which was kind of rare but always nice to hear from him. I
know he’s a busy guy, especially in the field that he’s in so for him to
make some time to call me was kind of special.

We had a really
good 30 minute conversation about how things where going and sometime in
the middle of the conversation he was telling me about his son; my
nephew, and how his doctor told him that he needed to lose some weight. I
guess he was telling my nephew to get serious about it because he
didn’t want him to end up like his grandma, grandpa and himself and
that’s when I said " and like his uncle."

I told him how long I
had had it for and told him the same story I been telling others that I
have let into the club. He was actually a big help to me because he told
me about all of the things that he had to go through with different
doctors and how they would give him the wrong medication and how they
where always looking to add something new to his daily routine.

mentioned a lot of things that got me thinking one being how I’m kind
of unhappy with my doctor. From day one he really didn’t fill me in what
to do, has never mentioned anything about checking my blood sugar;
which I think I’m going to start doing soon. Not to mention that my
doctor is kind of quick on adding or upping my dose of medication for
all I know that could be his answer for everything.

I think I’m
going to go to my last appointment with my current doctor and then try
to find someone else. I don’t know how to go about it, i thought about
calling my health insurance and seeing if they have any recommendations.

I’m really happy that I told my brother. It means that I’m a
little close to letting my family know about my diabetes; which includes
my parents. My number one fear.

I doubt your insurance company will be much help other than to tell you who’s in network. A tip for you though, if you know the names of various practices in your area, google them to see if they have a website, and some give a run down of what their doc’s specialties are. Not every practice will have this but some might. Look for one who has treated diabetics or even call your local Endocrinologist’s office and ask who they’d recommend in the area. They may not be much help (not wanting to appear biased) but it’s worth a shot. And keep in mind, there may be a waiting period to get in with a new doc, so start looking now rather than later. Good luck- let us know how things go.