Another question for low carbers

some people i have met that follow low carb have decided to follow no dairy as well. is there a reason for this? just wondering the effects from dairy and why i find more and more low carbers avoiding it. thanks.

The lactose in milk can cause a rapid rise in BS. Here is the link to Dr. B’s book and the page that discusses milk - it is about the 4th paragraph down.


are you dairy free?

I eat cheese but I quit drinking milk. I actually quit drinking it for reasons other than my BS - I was having a lot of sinus headaches & read milk can cause them. They went away when I stopped drinking it so I guess that was right.

its amazing how we can control so many things just by tweaking our diets. im glad your headaches are gone. im not much of a milk drinker anyway but i do love my cheese. i try to stick to one serving but its so hard!! so many varieties!! all of them so yummy.

Why do you feel you need to stick to one serving? Cheese is pretty low-carb as foods go.

Before I was diagnosed, I used to drink a couple glasses of milk with breakfast - that was the hardest thing for me to cut back on. I am surprised I was able to give it up totally. I only bring a little bit of cheese into the house at a time - it is too hard to resist!

I don’t know why Andrea does, but I can tell you why I do - it is high calorie and try watch my calories. I have also read that people that do low carb for weight loss actually end up gaining weight because they eat so many things like cheese & nuts that are high calorie foods.

Ah, but I can only count one thing at a time. Carbs or calories. I am not sufficiently evolved to be able to do both at the same time, especially since I have to count insulin as well! I’d rather be a heffalump with normal-ish blood sugars than skinny with abnormally high blood sugars…

I cheat, I have an Excel spreadsheet with the foods I eat and I plot them out!

I have Celiac Disease, but I’m very happy with skim milk with my good coffee in a mocha latte (and Stevia); Tilllamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Nut-thins for happy hour with something nice, like red wine or Bard’s Beer. Well, I am a bit self-indulgent! For the most part I’ve learned portion control, along with eliminating stuff which is not good enough to spend the carbs and calories on, which allows the self-indulgence. If you’re eliminating dairy milk, unsweetened almond milk is also good. Hemp milk is interesting, maybe an acquired taste. I also have to admit to being moderate rather than a true low carber.

Have you tried the Hemp Milk Trudy?

Joanne, I have tried Hemp Milk. I find that it has a rather heavy taste by itself, but use it now and again in baking. Because of my Celiac and other food intolerances, I try to find different foods that taste good, are d-friendly and healthy. Not easy!

Judith, sometimes I can handle nuts, like almonds, and sometimes I can’t. The only way to find out the current state of my gut is to test by eating. Dairy is safest, as long as I take a probiotic and drink my DanActivs. I’m really nostalgic for the days when I just ate food with no thought except how it tasted! Always loved berries, though, esp. with real whipped cream and Stevia is a great discovery.

I have thought about trying almond milk Trudy. I know a lot of people here like it. I just haven’t bothered. It took me a long time to be able to drink store bought milk - I grew up drinking it straight from the dairy farm & you had to shake it because the cream settled on the top.

For most stuff, I do good with portion control but there are some foods that seem to keep singing “eat me eat me” and I lose all willpower! Cheese is one of those. I don’t consider myself a true low carber either because I do splurge once in awhile - I made pasta salad to take to a dinner party the other night and that is a low carb no-no. I figure a treat once a month won’t hurt.

I’ve started using flax milk instead of cow’s milk. It has 1/4 of the carbs and tastes great. I’m also lactose intollerent and I prefer flaxseed milk over lactose-free cows milk. That being said, the only time I use it is when I make oatmeal in the morning.